This is so Frustrating

As a Black reader, do any other black readers/non-white readers get annoyed or frustrated when a story lets you customize your character but it’s still from a white POV? I’ve read many stories like this but rn, I’m reading a story where one of the main character’s brother is Black and adopted and the MC is originally white before customization. So they have a conversation about how my MC won’t understand his struggles as a Black person and all that, which can be the truth… if he wasn’t Black! It’s just frustrating to play stories that aren’t designed for you lol. At this point, why even give customization? - okay, I get it, authors may be pressured or get less views if their story doesn’t have cc. But then make the story realistic for everyone is my point.


I get your point,

I am just gonna note reason why people add CC even if they dont want, is often because they are bullied into it. a lot of people get rude and hatefull messages, saying they wont read a story there dont have CC, back before limelight I release a story in ink, and the messages for CC was so bad I left the app for two years, because I couldnt handle it.


I believe most authors have an envision of a character so that’s probably why before the character comes out for customization it’s white for reason’s the author wanted the character to look this way not saying all the time but when a character comes out looking a certain way it’s because that’s how the author envisioned them. but half or most of the time readers tend to drop stories for the sole reason that they don’t allow customization or customization is limited. But I definitely et what you’re saying about the “white POV”


but when you don’t get customization, then the problem is that there isn’t any and how uninclusive the whole thing is and omg forcing tha character on the reader.
Just don’t read the story and move on to another one, no story will EVER please everyone. EVER.
Also, it’s VERY hard to code what you’re complaining about. Is your skintone from shade X to shade Y? Then you have to give different dialogue for each and every skintone, because someone might make an indian character, who won’t understand the black struggles either. :man_shrugging: If only we tried to be a little more understanding and tolerant towards authors…

As @line123462 said before me, authors don’t even want to give CC but they have to, otherwise people won’t even bother to read their stories.


Yea, for stuff like that, if the MC is supposed to go through a specific experience or something related to their appearance, there should definitely be at least Limited CC (if the author wants to add cc or not for their character). And yea, it also sucks some authors are pressured to add cc in their story like Line said.


no, actually I wouldn’t complain. I would just move on to another story or continue playing it if it was really good. It’s like watching a show with the white protagonist, I’m gonna know that it’s from a white POV. In the past, I’ve played many white cc characters on episode because they wouldn’t let us customize (troublemaker, my brother’s best friend, Blake, and soo many community stories) and I haven’t “complained”. Never did I say the story had to please everyone because I know that’s not realistic. What I’m saying is that if you wanna be “inclusive :crazy_face:” so bad, you’d want the storyline to be inclusive as well not just the appearance of your character. That proves that you don’t care about inclusivity at all :sob: Also, I have written stories myself and I know that coding is a lot. I never said I wanted a different storyline for different skin tones. that’s not realistic.


Well, if only you understood that I said “what you’re complaining about is hard to code”. That was referring to the fact that if we were to grant your wish and make the storyline FIT the MC after customization, then there would be a different storyline for each skintone or batches of skintones to say the least. Because someone might choose gold 5 with afro hair and be black, or gold 5 with straight hair and be pakistani. And the pakistani would still not understand the black struggles of her black stepbrother. So you would have to code IF skintone = X AND hair = X THEN storyline = X. I’m glad we agree that it’s not realistic. But that’s indeed what would have to be done so that stuff like you mentioned in the original post doesn’t happen:

And as mentioned before, authors don’t give CC because:

They give CC because otherwise more than half of the users wouldn’t even bother reading their stories.

Also, what you said last was:

Which is exactly demanding all that coding we were talking about earlier, that you yourself deemed unrealistic. So, you want it to be realistic for everyone. Making it realistic for everyone requires all that coding. But you don’t want different storylines for everyone, because it’s too much coding.
Then the only solution there is, is don’t involve “black/white/indian/muslim/korean/japanese/native american/whatever” struggles/relations/interpersonal relations, etc with one another because there might be something you say that doesn’t fit the MC after customization.
Also, I never questioned whether you played as a white MC before, because it has no relevance whatsoever to what I was saying.


I agree with what you’re saying and it is annoying. I would honestly prefer if the author just left out customisation if skin tone was an important part of the story and they intended to have conversations like that. But also, authors do get a lot of pressure to add full customisation from readers so I can understand why they do it.


There are so many stories out there that have cc and made good stories that cater to everyone. When I say make the storyline fit for everyone, I’m saying to make a storyline that doesn’t cater to only one race. I’ve read so many romance stories and they don’t mention something in their storyline that would only fit one specific type of character. If I made a story with cc and made the story like “she got excluded because she’s black” and that character is white, it doesn’t make sense. I wouldn’t include that. But if I focused on something that all people could experience, the story can be experienced by anyone. A basic storyline of a genre that could fit everyone. in the story I’m talking about above, the storyline was fine until they added that in there. Making me realize that that part wasn’t meant for black characters. If you’re going to make a story about RACE why would it be wise to let someone customize their character? Considering that people like customizing their characters, how about you don’t include that because it wouldn’t make sense?


yeah, exactly. So I’d say just to leave that part out or something like that.

All I’m saying is that if you’re going to make a story where you let people customize, don’t include a specific race for the story to be revolved around.

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Yes, exactly. They don’t treat such subjects, that’s why the CC fits into the story without there being bloopers. Let’s take Summer Fever or any other story of Lucas’. Do they treat racial interpersonal relationships in any way with the MC? No. Because the story doesn’t revolve around interpersonal relationships at all, it has a main plot and goal and that’s the point, not the characters backgrounds (to the extent that they don’t influence the story, of course).
If an author wants to reflect on such interpersonal relationships, by all means, they can. It’s their story they can write whatever the hell they want. If they don’t reflect on it, it’s a problem. If they reflect on it, it’s a problem because it might intersect with the CC. If there’s no CC, barely any readers will follow through with the FIRST episode (they won’t even carry on to the next chapter when they see there’s no CC). If there is CC, it might intersect with what the plot. If there’s limited CC, there’s still a whole bunch of people who aren’t willing to play the story. If you tell them at the beginning of the story that it’s important to note that if you don’t keep the MC white/black/whatever they were designed to be originally, it might create discrepancies, then they would still customize the MC to their liking and if not you (because you understand you were warned about it) then others would still come and complain about this issue (I’m not referring to you complaining, but to the people who would still be annoyed by this after the warnings they got).
See? That’s the problem. Though I agree that there should always be disclaimers that the skintone is important or there might be bloopers and things that won’t make any sense.

And all I’m saying is tolerance towards writers is key. You know the MC was supposed to be white before you customized. You very well know that it’s why the MC is not supposed to understand her black stepbrother’s struggles. So why does it get such a reaction out of you that you get annoyed/frustrated? You, as a black reader (I assume), understand his struggles anyway, it doesn’t matter that the MC was supposed not to understand. What I’m saying is this is not something you can’t turn a blind eye to. Just shrug it off, not everybody is a pro coder.

EDIT: How many times I myself played stories where the MC was black (because of limited CC, or because I had full CC but I still made my MC black, even though I’m white) and it didn’t fit somewhere because whatever small little detail. For example I made my MC POC and then the whole family was another color, or vice-versa. That’s something that really annoys me. But I couldn’t care less, I knew I customized the MC because I can turn a blind eye to such mistakes. There are just technicalities.

Yeah, I’m not that kind of reader so I wouldn’t see a problem when people warn the readers.


I mean, yes. But unfortunately the majority of people don’t provide you, as a writer, with this luxury. People aren’t half as understanding as you are. Unfortunately. (I see it everyday, that something isn’t a big deal for me but then other hundred people come and act as if it was 3rd world problem)

Yeah, I knew the MC was supposed to be white before, but a lot of stories are like that lol. Yeah,
I can shrug it off but it’s a pattern in a lot of stories that I’ve read. Also, yes there are stories with black MCs but cmon white MCs are more common, look at the popular stories in the different genres. I’ve seen a lot of stories where I’ve had white parents or played it from a white POV. I’ve been playing episode for years and I’ve “shrugged” off a lot of things like that. I can overlook a lot of stuff but this one, in particular, caught my eye and I decided to vent out my frustrations and maybe see if other Black readers can relate. If this something I feel frustrated or tired about I feel how I feel and I won’t gaslight myself to feel any other way.

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I get you although I don’t like character customization :slight_smile:

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Very well to everything you just said. You don’t have to make yourself think something you don’t.

Well…I meannnnnnnnnnnn…There are more white people on earth than black people, I think (most probably, but I might be wrong). Therefore the chances of there being more stories written by white people are way higher. Just like people tend to gravitate towards people whom they feel look similar to them, or how murderers usually choose victims within their own race, etc. this is an instinctive thing, if you’re white, your MC will be white (in most cases, not all). Imagine if every single black user wrote good stories (I’m saying this, not because the stories by black people aren’t good, but because we all know that among all the written stories, there will always be ones that are unreadable, or ones that just aren’t to our liking, so imagine if ALL of them were top notch stories) with black MCs. Then the number of stories with black MCs would, logically, rise noticeably.
And you can’t really expect all white people to write stories with black MCs since then you have to represent all kinds of stuff that maybe white people wouldn’t know. And all of that is best represented by black people themselves. And now split that into two: maybe American white people would be able to represent black MCs better than European white people, since there are many countries in Europe where you can still barely see any people of color (or black in particular, but not only). And very few people will do a whole lot of research just to have a black MC, you know? You can misrepresent or poorly represent a character even as a secondary character, let alone a main one.
But there’s too much to talk about this topic.

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Been screaming this for years

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I’m sorry you had to experience this, that must be annoying. I’m white so I can’t say anything about it, other than I disagree with the previous comments here.

It’s just lazy writing with your situation! She could have had a black brother or friend or whatever and he could have not talked about the struggles of being black. Cuz when you add CC you at least have to think about the possibility that someone would make a black character. This is absolutely ridiculous! If you’re gonna add CC, no need to make it fancy or whatever, just don’t include faulty scenes like that! Scenes that depend on the MC being white!


This is SO COMMON that its annoying tht I feel ive been the only 1 talking about it

It often gets dismissed cuz the author put a disclaimer or some crap and we should be grateful they let us CC at all

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