This is so hard for me to decide, I'll need your help with this 🥺

I just got a bunch of gems and I really want to use them on LOVE ON FIRE. Problem: I want to use them on Blood Lust too, but I don’t have enough gems for two stories :pensive:
Maybe this question is a little bit stupid because that’s on me to decide which story to spend all of my gems on. But It’s so hard for me to choose.
And because this is a Community, I can ask whatever I want about Episode.

So, which story do you think It’s better, more interesting to spend all of your gems on?

WARNING: You can only vote for one story and not both

  • Blood Lust

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Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m gonna close this tomorrow.

Hey, @lydiag_episode! So I would choose Blood Lust, because it’s one of my favourite stories! It has a really good plot! :grinning:
After you decide, please write which story have you chose! :upside_down_face:

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Pick blood lust! the story is amazing and also, its one of my favorite story! :relaxed:

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Thanks @amber.writes and @emerald.epi
Looks like I’m gonna read Blood Lust. But until I close this, there is still a chance for LOVE ON FIRE. I am so happy that I can ask others for their help since I’m bad at picking.

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