This is the worst app ever


This is the worst app ever all of the stories suck I won’t even try writing a story because I know nobody will read it since everyone seems to like romance bullshit episode is literally featuring stuff that is not “unqiue” or “original” it literally says “oh you have to have a really good original story”
The trending page is literally filled with shitty repetitive the same plot over and over none of the stories deserve the attention they get the comedy section is filled with romance the story isn’t even funny no stories that actually have effort get any reads or there’s those stories that try too hard to be funny with overused jokes that aren’t even funny


I can read it


I like reading action stories


Hey. I understand your feelings about the cliche plots but not all Episode stories are like that. There are the hidden gems, which are really good. I, personally, odn’t think it’s about the reads and is more about the joy from the few fans and from writing the story. Obviously I’d love to have loads of reads lol but I enjoy writing the stories anyway. Episode isn’t the worst app. Some of the featured stories are annoying but just stay away from them - I do, mostly. Try other stories. If you want, you could check out my story Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future by Winter05. And I’d totally read a comedy! :smile::blush:

~ Winter :snowflake:


I understand your disappointment. But as @WinterMoon05 has already mentioned, there are a lot of other stories on here that are beautifully written and a delight to read. Feel free to take a second look at the app. If your mind is set, that is also fine.

But please don’t come into the Episode forum and call it “the worst thing to exist”. Most of us on here love the app. And those few who are discontent with the features list are still here to promote positivity and resolution, rather then resort to negative campaigns. We do not wish to see Episode gone, we wish to stay and work it at it. If you don’t want to do the same, kindly take your passionate complains somewhere else.


So maybe I exaggerated calling it “the worst thing” I’m just sick and tired of seeing stories that don’t deserve to be featured


I agree. I tend to stray away from the featured section. And we need users like you to demand better content being at the forefront.
I’m sure if you ask, many users on here will be happy to list their favorite stories. Stories with sense and a good storyline.


If you hate it so much, then don’t play it, simple isn’t it?


Hey, if you don’t like the official Episode stories (which tbh most of us on the forums don’t) that’s the reason you should try to write your own stories. If you’re sick of the same plot over and over again, you can write the type of story you want to see. That’s the reason I first started writing my own stories. And who knows? You might start a new trend.


Well to say that this is the worst app ever based on a couple featured stories that you probably just judged on the cover and description is a far reach. There are million and millions of readers who love the featured stories like I do and no one forces you to read them. There are million of users stories out there with concepts that amaze me every day. Instead of finding this forum and ranting on it. Your time would be well used just deleting the app and moving on. Instead of coming to a community that celebrates this app and trashing it. I would say move on.


Usually I just see this kind of post and let it go and you are entitled to your opinion and Im sure episode appericiate the feedback. However if you don’t like the app uninstall it. There is no need to post a long rant about how shi**y it is because I know many people who would disagree with that. I understand where you are coming from so Im not having a go at you or anything I’m just saying that posts like this are unnecessary and offensive.


Also saying it’s the worst thing to exist is an over exaggeration I can think of 1million things that are worse then an app you are not being forced to use.


I agree + everyone is allowed to have an opinion but being so upset over the app that you further go to this forum to rant over it is quite sad.


i totally feel you because my story about strippers that i published without a title cover and which has many plot holes is getting more reads than a story i planned to have a real plot with character development and I actually like writing lmao :joy: it’s just the way this app works


I understand you completely, however, I believe episode will change…eventually. Trends don’t last forever and spreading criticism won’t help episode improve only constructive criticism will.


Then why the hell did you go through all the trouble of making a forums account if you consider the app worthless and bad? Doesn’t make sense to me, really.


Ima gonna read your story, and I followed you on Episode btw! :slightly_smiling_face:


I certainly would not base the quality of the stories on a few featured stories. Many of them are not good. You should read the user stories instead. There are a lot of good ones and better written and plots.


You could read my story Some Sort of Drama, it’s a comedy with romance but I had a few people think it was pretty funny. So far I only have 22 reads, but as long as they’re genuine reads it keeps me going. But I keep going anyways because I enjoy writing my story.


Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it. :heart:

I’ll follow you back next time I’m on. :wink: