This isn't working for some reason

I don’t know what’s wrong.
I put tappable and then the overlay, then the thing she should do when they press on the overlay but it’s not working, here is a screenshot

try changing “to” to into, and removing outfit.

“CHARACTER changes into outfitname”

thank you, I’m going to try this

It’s not working

try putting the dialogue right before the choice

you could try

@YOU changes into outfit_name

Nothing is working :confused:

have you created the overlay of the outfit?

my b, u don’t need that

I did

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then i have no idea.

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Now it worked, I should’ve removed the “@YOU changes outfit into -----” It was supposed to be “@YOU changes into -----”

Oh wait that’s what you said too-

I didn’t see that, Thanks @sydnepisode and @saray.episode

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why did I reply to myself omg i’m so blind today

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