This just happened to 5 minutes ago


Quick story that just happened to me and because I’m bored:
I was trying to drink coffee but we ran out of milk so I was like “ewww I’m gonna need to add coconut milk”. Sooo I add the coconut milk, and there were chunks of coconut milk in the coffee but I’ve never really had coconut milk before so I didn’t know if it was supposed to look like that or not. (call me stupid I dont know) I checked the expiration date and it said March 2019 so I was like okie dokie. I took a sip and I sware I spit that shit out so fast. I don’t know what I just drank, but I wanna crawl in a hole and die :grinning:. Random but I’m bored - to anyone that likes coconut milk, let me just ask, HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU DRINK THAT??- not that anyone cares ! Anyone wanna share a stupid random story?


I’m up for it!

Once I was coming from church teen club and I was walking around never it was late and my stepdad said he was here. And so I went to a car opened the door and put my stuff in I looked up and it was an old man :woman_facepalming:t3: I said “Omg I’m sorry this isn’t my car!” He said “Yeah… it isn’t.”

I went in my car blushing badly. I wanted to slap myself!!!


Oh My Gosh! Thats such a funny story! He was kinda rude though :thinking:. I would have just laughed and said no worries. Thanks for the laugh :joy:


Haha your welcome


before I start this story it’s important to know that I have a small king snake (she’s cute, don’t @ me)
So I got home from school one day and I was getting some snacks cuz I was hungry and I see my cat messing around with something. It looked like he was trying to catch something (he always does a weird little pounce thing) and it was right next to my snake’s tank, which was on the floor at the time. I ran over thinking that my snake was out and my cat was trying to get her, so I picked it up and my heart was beating so fast. At this point I was seeing what damage my cat had done and then I realized that it wasn’t my snake, I paused for a moment and suddenly screamed “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?” as I flung the snake near my door (don’t get angry about me throwing it, this snake broke into my house, what would you do?) As you can tell I was pretty shook, but I still had to catch it and I was messaging my group chat on snapchat and my friend Max sent me a SNAKE CHARMING music sheet, it was kinda funny though. Anyway my dad got home we got the snake out and the kitchen smelled like snake urine for about a week.


This is so stupid yo and it happened recently. I was home alone and I had to cook for myself. I suck at cooking so I just made some pasta. While I was waiting for them to get ready so I could eat, I was sitting on the couch watching TV. I jokingly thought What if you burn the whole house down and then as I said it a motorcycle passed near my house. I don’t know why but when I first heard it, it sounded like flames to me loool. I literally fell off the couch, hit my hip in the corner of a table in front of me and turned around because I thought it really caught fire haha. I almost had a heart attack.After it happened I could LITERALLY hear my heart beating as if it was next to my ear. I could’ve died lmaooo.


Hmm, I once was super late for a lab practical. Like an hour late…

It was the first week of university and one of the lecturers told us how to get to the room - problem was I was daydreaming so I didn’t know where to go. Soooo the next day, I tagged along with two girls (who I am close with now haha) and ended up being super late. So we were trying to make our way there but we went around in circles for an hour.

Managed to walk into a dodgy building site which is a death trap as that part of the building was getting renovated. Also, whilst we were lost all of us bonded but the pure shame of walking in late was so strong. I still cringe at how late we were, also we all went to a head office which was painful because we asked a dude how to get there and he was like “oh you know THERE IS A BIG WHITE SIGN THAT TELLS YOU WHERE IT IS, KK?”

So advice to you guys is…please pay attention during orientation.


I’m ded as hell… WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?


Oh I have awkward crap happen to me sometimes. This is not a big deal but I was out with a friend - we were going to another station and I nearly held hands with this random guy (hands were brushing).

RIP that time I nearly spilled coffee on this girl and my crush’s friends saw the whole thing


Oh and that time I ran in barefoot during a lecture


University is just stories of me being a wreck.


This is madness on another level, I love it :rofl:


The most weirdest thing that happened to me was last night, and I was vaping (get over it). I was in my parent’s house in my sister’s bedroom, no one knows I vape except obviously me. So i was minding my fucking business and I was vaping out the window, I like staring at the night sky and it’s a really nice view (I’m no freak I promise). And suddenly my neighbour appears out of fucking nowhere in my parent’s garden, and she was like “You’d best stop that god forbidden thing, you’ll die in the blood…” and she had her arms and was waving them in the air. I looked at her and politely told her to fucking leave… she wouldn’t fucking leave. And suddenly I’m screaming curse words, and my parents were washing the dishes in the kitchen and they can see the garden and my sister’s window, my mum opens the kitchen window and is like to both of stfu, and after was like “Kirstie did you still want the new cups I got?” and the weirdo in the garden was like oh golly yes. I was literally shook.


Wait what the fuck


How the hell did you pick up a snake???


It was a really small garter snake


oh I could never :joy:. Snakes don’t really bother me but I couldnt pick it up.


Also I thought that it was my little cute nice clumsy snake, but it was a mean devil snake that peed everywhere


I have another story :wink:


Last night I was asking where the drumsticks are because there’s two freezers in my grandparents place. I asked my grandfather and he said some smart alic thing. Then I asked my sister and she was Idk! It’s from the ice cream fairy!?!?
And SO I went downstairs into the garage and muttered to myself “Gosh she can be so rude sometimes.”
And then someone was in the garage when I said that and so I just grabbed my ice cream and hit myself in the face.