This might be my last question


I’m starting a new story and I have about 140 lines done. However, I cannot go on because of the script crashing every time I try to edit it. I already restarted my computer, reloaded the website…but nothing is working. What to do? :sob: :thinking:



You should send a report ticket of a bug.



Are you using chrome or safari?



I’m using chrome.



It’s probably a bug, you should send a ticket report about it.



You can always try and either change browsers, clear your cache and cookies, and restart again :woman_shruggin:



That’s happening to me too

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Hey there @AAABattery, this sounds like a bug with the portal. You’ll need to submit a help ticket to the support team, they’d be happy to help. :smiley:

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I’m facing this problem too from around 4-5 days. Nothing is helping. Already submitted a ticket, tried everything, nothing works. It’s their site. Not our laptops or browsers. Many other people are facing this too. I hope they fix it soon.

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Same here. It’s been doing this for almost a week. Tried everything and still bugging.
Submit a ticket. I followed the procedure that they told me to do. I already did them and nothing.
I wiped away everything on chrome. Still didnt work. I restarted my computer. My laptop didnt even help. Just kept crashing and freezing. Firefox didnt work, edge didnt work, and explorer didnt work.

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