This Need To Be Said Again

I am an atheist, I don’t believe in god but my entire family is christian, so am I on my birth certificate, and I was indeed forced to go to church a lot and follow other christian orthodox traditions. In addition, if I see someone wearing a cross necklace even if they are of other religions or atheists, I won’t call them “disgusting”, I won’t say it is unacceptable, and I won’t bash anyone “physically or non-physically”. Honestly, I couldn’t care less. I respect my culture. But it doesn’t live on through items. I never really got the whole point of cultural appropiation myself, though I don’t do it/ try to do it. I won’t bash anyone for it. Being Christian, for example, resumes to your beliefs and not the items you wear. Wearing a cross necklace, even though it represents something from Christianity, doesn’t make you automatically try to copy other cultures or disrespect them. We all might have different views on this, but that’s mine. You can wear whatever you want- without exageration, of course. But small details like these simply don’t make the cut for me.


I’m not talking about the cross which is widely popularised. I’m referring to the star of David.

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Ignorance truly is bliss, isn’t it?


I’m sorry if this comes across as rude, but why couldn’t you use another necklace? I mean… it’s not as if the portal is lacking in necklaces


Thank you!


I agree with you. It’s just that I would like to say that a cross necklace ( tbh not he one in episode as much because it’s just very simple ) can be very similar in looks to rosary beads. Which are very sacred in traditional catholic cultures as they are part of The Rosary which is an important prayer. So idk if it’s really appropriate for say a person or character who is strongly against Christianity to wear such a necklace as it could be offensive especially if it’s the other ones in real life that look like a necklace version of rosary beads ( actual rosary beads are held in the hands as you say prayers ). I am in no way trying to debunk anything as the use Star of David necklace is a lot more disgusting considering the past of Jews. All I am saying is that the cross maybe shouldn’t be worn at free will. EDIT: I would just like to say that this is more personal beliefs.

My Rosary Beads for reference

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Apparently my points come across badly. So i will delete my comment.
Im sorry if I did ever offend anyone. That was never my intention.


That’d be nice. c:

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Call her out so we can support.

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My grandmother wore a headscarf in the 60’s if it was cold or windy. She was catholic. There are differences between headscarf’s and Jewish stars.

Having said that My friend was invited to a Jewish wedding. Although Christian he was asked if he wanted to wear a yamukle or a hat during the ceremony, he declined but it is an incident where non-Jews could wear that. Also some Jewish women wear headscarf’s (particularly orthodox) and the cap some Muslim men wear is similar to a yamukle. Also there are some non-Jews who wear the Star of David as a solidarity with Jewish people, Bob Marly being an example.


Hey, instead of bashing and attacking, don’t you think you could be educating? Why talk like that to a person? What does it do besides make others feel bad? I agree on the cultural appropriation, but not on the way you handled things and explained your point in this comment.


I agree that we should be careful when using cultural assets… however… for things like the headbands and head scarfs… my story is set in a kind of medieval time period and in that time they did wear a lot of things like scarves on their heads- but of course Episode doesn’t have specifically those types of head scarves/hats for that time period.
I think for the scarves… I think that it’s important to take into consideration that it doesn’t specifically say that it is for a certain culture, therefore it can be intepreted in multiple ways.

I can see this being used for a Muslim or Christian person depending on if they value modesty, I can see this being used on a non-religious person who values modesty, or in a time period that values modesty.
In my opinion, if it doesn’t say in the title of the piece what culture it specifically belongs to, then I think that it’s open to interpretation of the person using it.
I mean, I would never just throw something like this into my story without using it for a specific purpose like modesty, like I’m not gonna put someone in a swimsuit wearing this or anything like that.
I think that it depends on the usage of the piece. For example this headscarf could be used for a character having cancer who has lost all their hair.

There are specific hijabs that are called hijabs that muslims do wear in the portal, but for some reason they don’t really show up unless you search “hijab”.


That doesn’t seem like a hijab or a headscarf. I could be wrong. If you think it’s a hijab or a head scarf or something from some culture, religion etcetera, then don’t use it.

I don’t care if your Zayn Malik, just don’t do it!

I don’t care —just don’t.

It’s actually that simple. Respect isn’t as intricate as you think. Don’t use anything from any different culture to the character because that’s cultural appropriation.

I keep repeating this but please don’t do it. I’ll repeat it as many times as needed because some aren’t getting the memo.

I can allow the cross seeing as it’s already widely popularised. I don’t care if your J. K. Rowlings, don’t do it. This is repetitive but I feel like it needs to be. Don’t do it.

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Yes but at the same time, these things aren’t labeled as a specific thing belonging to a specific culture. You could interpret it as a hijab headscarf, or something for a christian. Or for a different purpose- like medieval clothing. If you search “medieval women” you’ll find lots of pictures of women wearing very similar headscarves! So I really don’t see how I can’t use it for that purpose if I interpret the headscarves that way?

I get it if they say they are for a certain culture- like the actual hijabs on the portal that are labeled as such, but scarves such as these can be open for interpretation and a lot of cultures probably use them in day to day life.

All I’m saying is that if you think it’s from a different culture—don’t use it. Trust me, I’m one of the nicer, lenient people on the internet.

I mean I don’t think it’s for a specific culture, I interpret it in multiple ways- just like any other piece of clothing, it can have multiple uses. So by that logic- I don’t think its for a specific culture so I can use it?

Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise. Not in this case.

You can interpret a crucifix in a number of ways, doesn’t make it any less of a crucifix.

Here’s my opinion;

Don’t use what you’re not sure about. Don’t use what can be interpreted as assets to other cultures.

But ANYTHING can be interpreted as an asset to another culture! You could find similarities with any of the clothes on Episode if you looked hard enough! I’m not sure of any of the clothing unless it specifically states what culture it is from. A lot of the clothes we wear have probably come from/have been inspired from other cultures. I’ve seen a lot of people use headscarves in different ways- for modesty, religion, or if a person is sick and is covering up their head with it. Which is probably why Episode didn’t specifically say what culture it was from- to give us a chance to interpret it the way we want to and to use it the way we wish. It would look good for a certain culture to use it, but it can also be used in a different way very well as well.

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I don’t know what to say to you anymore. I almost want to tell you to test it out yourself and see what happens (not with the scarf—it’s just a scarf—or maybe it’s not—prove me wrong). But do something like making a German (‘We forgive you germany’) Atheist wear the star of David. You’ll get bashed big time.

I’m not accusing you of anything—yet.

This is just a warning and a reminder that you shouldn’t always throw caution to the wind.

I don’t think the headscarf looks like a hijab. I’d use that because I’m quite certain it has nothing to do with Muslim culture.