This needs to be said - The community has become toxic

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From the Moderation Guidelines:

We really have everything already mentioned in this thread covered. It’s all a matter of the community reading the rules and adhering to them :cat_typing:


Is there anyway we can modify those rules to include political topics as theres posts are the ones which cause the issues

I never said that you wanted the forums removed. I just thought of something based on what you said about the general chat needing to be removed based on people being vicious with each other. I was like well, if we’re going to have the argument of people not respecting others’ opinions and people disgusting to each other, then that means we need to remove the whole entire forums because people are going to be mean either way.

We can’t make everyone be responsible for the actions of a few people. I suggest reporting and flagging comments that violate the guidelines. Don’t flag stuff that you don’t agree with. Just flag stuff that is overall abusive and toxic.


I don’t really see the connection between contraversial topics / general chat have to do with Authors getting hate mail / bullied on Instagram and their fanmail.

The methods people are using isn’t the forums not is it correlated to the forums so removing or banning certain topics and or catagories isn’t going to do anything… It isn’t the ones who follow the rules that are doing this it’s like telling a person who steals a lot stealing is wrong. They know it is but do it anyway. I would suggest standing up for the author or leaving a well thought out positive message and reporting the account if possible.


Good thought!

The very first rule in the Official Forum Rules:

Glad we are on the same page though :smiley:


And this is why I created this post, to find the best way to remove the toxicity. I only made a suggestion to remove the general section but that was just an idea. I’m open to all suggestions and I thank @Nick for helping out :+1:t3:

I thought we were talking about authors getting bullied on instagram, not politics.


Thank you so much, Nick!

So if it’s a rule, why is there a lot of political stuff in the general section. That’s why I’m confused. Topics like racism is out of control and multiple posts about BLM. I’m not saying don’t support the movement but forums is not the place to do it :woman_shrugging:

BLM isn’t political, it’s human rights.


Well cause this topic is controversial, I’d say, judging by the mixed opinions on it

So what, it shouldn’t be allowed?

And anyway, any conversation can become hate speech. I can say Black Lives Matter and then suddenly everyone’s all mad smh
And adding onto that BLM shouldn’t even be controversial like… black people shouldn’t be killed by police on the basis of their skin colour? MY GOD WHAT A REVOLUTIONARY STATEMENT


We have established that Instagram is hard to police and episode can’t do anything about it. We just want to make the forums a kinder place for everyone

In all reality, if we closed/shut down every political/race-related thread without any justified reason that would not go over well or make much sense. If there are any post’s inside of any of those threads that break/violate any of the forum rules it’s the responsibility of the community to flag the offending post which then notifies the forum team to take care of them. For more info regarding how the flagging system works check out our flagging tutorial here:


Yep! That’s what I think too. I honestly like being able to discuss experiences and knowing how people feel, especially those who don’t feel appreciated or understood by the color of our skin. I’m so glad that I was able to see groups of people come together to discuss how they felt about things like Operation: Pridefall and BLM.


So if we established that instagram doesn’t have anything to do with the forums, what was the point of this topic?


Exactly, I’m not sure why so many people think human rights are controversial.


Removing debates and contraversial topics only makes the forums kinder if people were being disrespectful and or name calling etc. which is pretty much covered in the rules


So we just need to educate people on how to debate in a civil manner without bullying others. Suggestions anyone?

And that’s amazing that people can reach a mural agreement. But unfortunately some people use that as a leverage to spread toxicity. See where I’m coming from?