This one's for the guyss... what do you like to read?

I’m new here so I don’t know if there are alot of guys in the Episode community but all of the general chat things that I see are mostly female orientated so I want to know what would some guys like to see from stories?

More sibling stories
More stories with dragons, witches, warlocks, etc.
More Mafia stories with NO ROMANCE
Stories with SPORTS
Stories with LGBT+
Stories with DIVERSITY
Stories that gives messages.
More Family stories
Holiday/Season stories
More HORROR stories
Stories with Comedy.
Mystery Stories about anything in fantasy, and any other genres.


I’m actually writing a story with a Male MC but since guys and girls don’t always think the same I get stuck on what to say or do it certain situations.

I agree that there’s alot of Mafia stories that aren’t actually about the MAFIA and more surrounding a love story.


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