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Making cover art And splashes (1-30 minutes)(Free)(open)
Jayla's Edit Shop! *CLOSED* :kiss:
Splashes Needed for Story
Help I need a story title (Contests)
My story won't load for others?
Needs help, writing partner
Bedroom background needed!

@rmtwrites Hi! May I ask what font you used in the splash in your examples slides, the third one on the right that says Episode One?


I did


I used Arial xxx


starting yours now!


@UnknownReader finished your chapter splashes! feel free to request more or tell me if there are any issues xx




I have done


@NightSkye starting in 2 mins


If you can’t do my request, a vampire theme would be fine


@UnknownReader your warning splash is finished! feel free to request more!


I’ve requested title splash. Can you make it for me?


@NightSkye hi! which example chapter splash did you mean?


The one with the woods but if not can I have a vampire themed splash


@NightSkye unfortunately i made that for someone so i cant use that same background, but i can do one similar if that’s okay?


@abbyk0111 what is your Instagram name so i can put it on the splash?


Yes that’s fine. My story is about vampires, so something like that.


@NightSkye your title splashes are finished! feel free to request more or let me know if you need anything changed xx


Ok thanks


@NightSkye do u like them? hope everything is okay x