This site is 13+ (So is this post btw) REVOLUTION!

This is innaporopriate and I suggest if you are 13+ you should read only

I’m using euphemisms for words so young people here don’t understand the direct meaning. It’s said and even rideculed how in America anybody can buy a weapons sprouting lightning and tunder (As said in Pocahontas) so cloaking oneself with a wooden overcoat is easy there. But here I am wanting that overcoat, trying to sew it myself, but the materials are illegal in my country and I fear other materials would hurt too much. Is there any other material that isn’t as rough as the ones avaliable? Or…

Hi @LeviTheLunatic :wave:

Just a heads up that threads regarding suicide or even insinuating it or using “euphemisms” is not allowed on the Episode forums

Anybody who is 13, aka. the minimal age you can be for this site according to the app and stuff, do you think talking about suicide, if it’s genuine considering and maybe even helping somebody who just want to die in anyways worse than 9 year olds shouting KYS over the screen to another gamer knowing what it means, speak up.
If you think this is Stalin type censorship and it’s :cow2::poop:, speak up.

It’s the revolution time if you all agree this censorship is over the top and we should be allowed to speak about certain things as teenagers (Becuase this site was built for people who are 13+) then post this emoji as your signature :mechanical_arm:

I’ve always wanted to be a part of a revolution because the 60s seemed cool and full of excitement. Now I finally get to feel that excitement.

AND REMEBER! If they close this topic they are basically breaking the one thing “Antigone” has thaught us and that is : “If a rule seems immoral and makes you break your human rights, you should fight for changing that rule.” This rule in particular is not allowing us to use our freedom of speech by censoring anything we say that in any way shows te real world. Why are Ancient Greeks so much more advanced than us?



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Well, the Ancient Greeks sentenced Sokrates to death as the things he said “messed up the mind of young people”, just saying… :muscle::pensive:

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But you do agree on the censorship? Becuase that’s th important bit

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I never judged people by age and got in trouble for it more than once, so I got nothing to lose by backing you up here. :innocent::wink:

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