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Hello if you’re still reading this but unfortunately this thread is close due to sharing important information of my story. If you read comments below and see a few comments its because they’re the first to comment on my real thread. So hopefully you’ll understand.


I feel like a lot of these are tropes but not necessarily cliches. Most of these are just plot points that are used in many stories. I wouldn’t mind most of them as long as its done well. There are some I definitely don’t like. Most of these are found in romances.
For example:
~ The insta-romance (The love interest and MC lock eyes and immediately fall in love)
~ The “irresistible” MC (All the characters fall in love with the MC, usually ends up with the MC debating who they like the best.) sighs
~ The Mary-sue (This character has no flaws what-so-ever, they are the human embodiment of perfection)
~ The teenage MC with no restrictions (These characters do whatever they want whenever they want. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?!?!? )

These are just a few cliches that drive me insane. I don’t mind the ones above though.


Thank you for the feedback Kyralynn! I’m writing a story containing this “plots”. :slight_smile:


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