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I’m not sure why you felt the need to post this. Doesn’t really have much of a message other than to make a negative comment about stories with heterosexual relationships.
Please keep our space positive


I’m not offended and you shouldn’t assume I’m heterosexual just because I respectfully and kindly comment on equality for all when it comes to story writing.
In doing so I didn’t take away from the gay community or from the right for others to write a story with gay relationships.
I simply expressed that this post is unnecessary and negative. And I stand by that.


Well I am offended ,because I wasn’t bashing or being negative about anyone for being heterosexual I was making fun of how much they mass produce content about them even when it doesn’t have much quality and substance to it.
And honestly, literally more than of the post on this forum are “unnecessary” so please don’t use that as a excuse.


Good question. I personally think representation matters. I even see the visual appeal of heterosexual relationships. But I feel like a lot of the time people just make them to make them. They see someone else do it , so they do do or they feel pressured to(I’ve personnally heard that as an excuse). It’s like I’m fine with White people making movies with a lot of white people but I’m not fine with white people doing it because that’s the ONLY form of person they see and want to see.

Edit : I don’t want people to “force diversity” either. That was my joke really … forcing one type of story telling


Well then maybe what would’ve made the appropriate impact would’ve been a post that uplifted lgbtq stories and inspired others to write more of them. That could’ve been done without bringing down another sexual orientation. I applaud you for your individuality and for being proactive for your community.
All I ask is for continuous positivity within the forum.


Continuous positivity …isn’t realistic. Being civilized and respectful should be the goal. But whatever! I did what I did and now is the bad guy ,can’t take it back now :joy::joy:


I understand. She explained it to me. I can see why it seemed that way.
I don’t like making me people upset and stuff, I genuinely thought people would be able to tell I was joking/being sarcastic/kidding/w.e


Continuous postivity starts with us. Maybe we can’t control the world but we can make sure that what we put out there contains the respect we wish others to give us. Nothing wrong with raising awareness for our individual community. But taken away from other communities is not the answer.
And I don’t need to be paid to express my want for good vibes all around. I would’ve felt and reacted the same way if it where a heterosexual talking about lgbtq.
I have been very honest and kind towards you. I hope you will see that in time.
Peace and love.



“I hope you will see that in time“? … why are you still trying to make me look bad? I see you around here a lot , helping people and stuff ,more than anyone else. That’s why I said I hope you were paid a lot ,because I thought you worked for episode. I never said or insinuated that I thought you weren’t being honest and kind. Please just leave me alone. Thanks lmao



Topic closed as it’s only intent is to cause negative conversation. Please feel free to positively contribute to one of the other LGBT or sexuality threads that are already open and active. Thanks.