This thread is for kit-kat lovers. πŸ˜‚


Yes, I had to hide it from the kids. They wanted to eat all of them. Lol :joy:


Bump :yum: :chocolate_bar:


Bumppppppppppppppppp BUmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp


YES KIT KATS :chocolate_bar:


My last 3. :cry:


I like the classic one waaay better than the other versions cuz…I just do, its my favorite-est one (don’t judge) :yum::heart_eyes::relieved:



I love the classic also. I was trying this flavour since Jeremy said it was his favourite and was curious of the taste. And I can tell you its delicious.


Oh there is certainly nothing wrong with the OG. But they must add something into the Matcha Green Tea ones that causes addiction. I am surprised the bag lasted your fam that long! :smiley:


I hid it lol. If not it will be gone. That first night.


My grandma just got us melon and cheese kit Kats… It’s a kinda strange flavour but it looks good :blush:


Never heard of this one but sounds amazing!


I tried it and it tastes pretty good!


I am going to have to try it. Looks delicious. :yum:


I have to buy this one :astonished: Cookies and cream. Oh my!


Sadly, I can’t have kit-kats. My brother is severly allergic, so I can’t have anything made in a peanut facility in the house. :frowning:


Poor thing. My son has food allergies. And I know its not fun. :flushed:


What is he allergic to?


Lol we need a food allergy thread XD I don’t have them, but I might as well because I can only have what he can have or he’ll feel left out XD


Corn, Shrimp, rice, yeast. Also peanuts. But the level is very low. Even though its low we are carful on that. Plus he has environmental allergies.


With my son I buy him only Hershey’s and my other 2 kit kat since that is there favourite. Once in a while he will bite a kit kat.