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It’s Mili, again and I really hope most of this has changed :crossed_fingers:


It’s a strong word. It’s in our everyday vocabulary, yet we don’t realize how much it could offend anyone. If I said I “hate” your edit to someone else, it won’t affect you. What if you were standing right behind me? Some people don’t actually get offended, and some people pretend they don’t.

When I think of hate and Episode Interactive, the first thing that comes to mind now is Limelight… Why? No, not because I don’t like it, I love it! It’s because of everyone that says they hate it, they look fake, they look ugly, etc…

JUST BECAUSE, a group of people made something doesn’t mean we all have to come across it rudely!

Let’s say I made a collab edit with two of my friends, lets say @abygail.bauman and @lanafrazer_episode… If you didn’t like it? Would you write in the comments about how you hate it!? Would you do the same thing if I did it on my own!?

Understand FREEDOM OF SPEECH, If you don’t have anything nice to say… Don’t say anything at all.

I love all styles. I won’t not read a story because it’s in a style I don’t like. -If you do that though, are you a kindergartner?

The Episode Interactive Team has feelings as well, so remember, "If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all :heart:

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Oh and sorry for tagging ya babes :heart:


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Serious, I hate it when ppl have something negative to say. If u dont have anything nice to say. DONT DAMN SAY IT AT ALL. One thing ppl have is FEELINGS. Ps. Yh ik u said tht lol


Respect baby girl :heart:


Holy shit Milii thank you for saying this I completely agree


I don’t interact with you, but I completely understand what you’re saying. It can be very emotionally harmful and it’s also quite rude.
Other than that, Episode has been working so hard to answer our terms and they have recently added new features that are amazing! They work extremely hard and many people like and respect limelight, and they’ve chosen not to update ink, so it’s their own choice, and you have your own choice not to play episode as well, so honestly, all this complaining is just really unfair towards them.
Thank you for creating this post and spreading some positivity!


Preach @QueenMilii ! :sparkling_heart:

You put it perfectly :wink:


lol why am i tagged?


PREACH :clap::clap::clap: Yassss


I’m thinking the same thing :thinking:


the reason she tagged you guys is because she maybe wanted to show or let you guys know about what she thinks on her topic, which is “Hate”. Im just guessing. lol @amberose and @episodereaderfan


Is being tagged a bad thing? :grimacing:


Just read your comment :joy:


Yeah, that was sorta why I was asking… Am I being called out?




Exactly what I was thinking


if you were being called out then she would say “im calling you guys out” or…something like that. lol


I tagged you guys @episodereaderfan @amberose and @MadisonW because I read topics discussing Limelight and Ink, and everyone I tagged had a pretty opinionated say. Not a bad thing at all!


Sorry if I’m misunderstanding your topic then, but it sort of feels like you’re telling us not to share our opinions then…? I can understand the whole mentality of not saying anything if we don’t have anything nice to say, but also Episode sometimes needs to hear what their community thinks. It’s how they can grow and evolve. If I feel they’ve missed the mark on something, I’m going to comment so that they’re aware this is how a member of their community feels.

Your OP mentions a bit about art styles and edits, which I guess I’m not referring to here so I might just be overthinking it a wee bit…?


I’m not sure I understand the point of this. If you’re discussing hate over LL & saying you’re not calling us out but we were being opinionated so you tagged us for it… Idgi.


I thought u were talking about edits.:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: