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That’s probably the generic email they send out, if you reply you’ll probably get more answers.
Has your story been reviewed by episode yet? It might not be ranking because of that but idrk

They didn’t tell me that it’s being reviewed

And should i reply to the message in G-Mail or use a new ticket?

reply to the email if it says you can.
They will email you when it is reviewed

This means it’s still under review right ? :smiling_face_with_tear:

im not sure, i saw my story rank before it was reviewed.

I always could see the story’s rank and it was going good

Then SUDDENLY it became “N/A” and i didn’t receive any message telling me that it’s being reviewed

So i sent a ticket asking why did this happen and they sent me that message

maybe check you spam folder incase they did email you

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they will always send a generic message first, if you reply youll get more help lol.

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Oh thanks lmao

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I really appreciate your help

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yw! hope its resolved for u

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Off-topic, but you may want to delete the screenshot of the e-mail they sent you, it’s against the guidelines, and you can get your account silenced because of this :confused: (just letting you know, that happened to me and I didn’t know that) :slight_smile:

The problem got solved thank god

I deleted it

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Thanks for telling me

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Closed by OP request :smiley: