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Based on own experience: some women can’t get pregnant easily. So, it irritates me when I read a story which in pregnancy is shown as an easy thing. No, it isn’t easily at all. I would read the story if it’s well written and if it’s not totally focused on the MC getting pregnant or when it’s finally also written about how hard it can be to get pregnant and if the child is fully grown their still can be problems around the corner, like: is the child healthy or not and more.


Thank you so much for your input :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

I’ll improve on writing this story as well, it’ll be put on hold for a while just so I don’t end up writing it horribly

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I don’t know if my opinion really holds any weight, considering I’m not a romance reader, but here goes :slightly_smiling_face:.

I would not read it because I don’t like stories that center around shitty, (emotionally, physically, etc.) abusive parents. I can infer they are shitty because why would someone feel the need to get pregnant to impress their parents?

I’m not insulting you or your writing, by the way. :sob:

I also wouldn’t read because this main character CLEARLY puts no thought into their decisions, and pregnancy is an INSANE one. Birth (the process and aftermath) could potentially ruin or even end a woman’s life. And the fact that the MC would just become pregnant to impress them is crazy.

And I agree with this. Pregnancy isn’t just 9 fun months and a painful birth. So I hope you capture the experiences correctly. :two_hearts:Which makes me hope that the main character is over 25, because like I mentioned before, getting pregnant with no experience in life is crazy.

After all that I just said, I wish you luck on writing because I know how stressful it is, trying to make something you’re interested in writing and others are interested in reading. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


Yeah, there’s obviously a chance your baby is perfectly healthy or has a scheduled birth, but there’s also a chance that doesn’t happen. My mom had to feed me tablespoons or teaspoons of whatever I could eat after I was born premature, if she didn’t I would expend all my calories. I also had a traumatic birth that caused some brain damage and I had to get tubes in my ear when I was younger to fix hearing problems!


I’m happy I could help. good luck on your future projects :black_heart:

I am, thanks! :two_hearts:

I would try it out because it doesn’t sound like a typical pregnancy story and I like the prospect of a story having a bit more focus on parents since most stories either don’t focus on parents at all or don’t give them much screen time.


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