This was solved 🙏

ignore this, it was already solved :grin:

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Is this what you mean?

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not exactly but ty anyway

its where

this phone (or something along the lines of it)

zooms into the screen and the background’s white and the characters start texting (if youd like to see an example its in almost every episode official story)

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Then I’m pretty sure it’s the phontext format from the tutorial above.
They probably just zoom on the screen and set the format.

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I think when the “phone” pops up it’s an overlay and as it gets closer it turns into a white background and then add the phonetext format

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Yeah its that! Do you happen to know a script for it?

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I don’t, but I could code one, I don’t exactly remember how it appears, (the phone overlay) does it appear from the middle or any sides?


Are you talking about the animation of it appearing from the bottom up to the center and then zooming in?

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Yes thats the one!

Like someone mentioned i believe the phone comes from the bottom center to the screen center, then zooms in into a white background

I can code that for you if you send me the phone overlay you’d like used. I used the same animation in my own story, and in a friend’s.

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That would be appreciated! If you have the phone they use, you could use that one, otherwise ive got a different one i sent a few chats ago ^^^

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Here’s the scene. I included both the entering and exiting of the phone, along with the setup for the messages.

Phone entering & text setup
INT. WHITE with PHONE1 to 1 -136 -545
@zoom reset and overlay PHONE1 shifts to -136 -23 in .8 using easein then zoom on 176 313 to 215% in .8 using easein

set format phonetext

    Text messaging scene here.
Phone exiting
set format cinematic
@zoom on 176 313 to 100% in .8 using easein then overlay PHONE1 shifts to -136 -545 in .8 using easein

tysm! what backgrounds/overlays did you use for int. white and phone1 so I can upload them? :grin:

For PHONE1 I used the exact PNG that you provided above. It’s named PHONE1 because I have another phone overlay named PHONE in my art catalog.


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it works perfectly, thanks again! :heart:

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You’re welcome :heart:

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