This zooming !ugh

So can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong I’m trying to make it zoom in on the character and pan but it’s panning while it’s zoomed

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I am not quite sure what problem it is you’re having. But, this might be the issue:
If you have already previewed the scene and are watching it again the previewer in the portal will show it zoomed because it does not reset automatically, but this is not a problem for readers as they will only read through once. :slight_smile:
Try putting @zoom reset right below the background and see if that fixes it. (Also don’t forget to put this at the end of the scene if you do not reset it before then.)

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O thank you phew

No problem. :wink:

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umm i need help again… diffrent matter tho

how do i make a tear/overlay fall?

Similar to a raindrop

So you first spot the overlay from your previewer to where you want the tear to start and then you move your overlay on the previewer where you want the tear to fall. To make it actually “fall” you have to add in # of second you want it to take to fall.

For example it should look like this :
@overlay TEAR create
@overlay 6232943068774400_TEAR shifts to 86 581 in zone 1
@overlay 6232943068774400_TEAR scales to 0.004 0.004
@overlay 6232943068774400_TEAR moves to layer 2
@overlay TEAR opacity 1 in 0

@overlay 6232943068774400_TEAR shifts to 78 308 in zone 1 in 1

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ThAnkkkkkkk youuuuu :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

wait but i still cant find the tear like its not showing up

Ahh im sorry I didn’t answer soon enough. Did you figure it out or you still need help? If so I can do it for you. You also need to upload an overlay yourself but I can find one for you.

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thank you for offering but another person offered…tho if i need help with other overlays i will contact you and ask you for help. :heart: :heart: :heart: