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She changed her user to @MelanieChantelle768

ok thanks

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Hey, I was wondering if you’ve seen my request? No worries if you’re busy

she has been suspended for some odd reason so maybe @melaniesmall

@melaniesmall Hii, sorry for the fuss. If you have time, please can you take a look at my request :slight_smile:

Sure can you request here thou
Melanie’s Art Shop :butterfly:

Can i make a profile picture request to @MelanieChantelle768 ??

She’s been suspended for an odd reason and I’m not sure when she can come back. I’m so sorry

ohhh thats crazy. I understand thx

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can i request a cover by @MelanieChantelle768?

password: rosette

Amount of character 2 characters
Character details and outfit


body: female genreric (netural 03)
brows: arched thin (dark brown)
hair: long way blowout (medium brown)
eyes: female gerneic (hazel)
face: diamond
nose: round button
lips: full round pouty (pink beige gloss)

something like this


body: male generic body (neutral 04)
brows: staright medium (black)
hair: short messy curls (black dark)
eyes: narrow almond deep sunken (ice blue)
face: diamond soft
nose: staright narrow
lips: medium heart (beige deep neutral

just a black suit with a red tie

Pose: Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 1.36.43 PM


Optional texts- title, author name, etc
title: Paid To Escort
author name: catheen
Any thing else you want on it
fancy letters that maybe is a mix of red and white

Hey there! She has been temporarily been suspended. I recommend asking someone else. I’m so sorry!

Hi! I requested from here one time and I was wondering if I could request again :smile:
I need overlays. Some pretty weird ones lol and so if anyone is taking requests and is good at making overlays let me know!

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Hey there! So two members of our group were suspended for some reason and we don’t really have anyone to do overlays. I’m sorry.
Have a good day though

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That’s alright! No worries. :grin:
Also, sorry they got suspended.

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Hey I would love a profile picture done by @MelanieChantelle77
Password Rosette I’ll send you a pic of who I want it off and the pose.
Can I also have the authors name (Layla) on the drawing please.

Could I have a pose like this please?
The character:

Hey this shop is actually closed since two of the Members were suspended for some reason. Sorry

its ok

@Sydney_H can you close this thread?

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: