Those "Ready to publish your Episode story?" mails... how do I stop them?

this might be a stupid question. but I keep on getting those and I have no idea how to turn them off (other than publishing, of course). you know, the mails that tell me I have 3 chapters finished and am I not ready to publish?? I’m not even sure which story they’re referring to.


:joy: I unsubscribed them tbh.

I thought I was the only one. I have no story I’m currently writing that has around three chapters yet. Must be a glitch.

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i never had that happen to me. how do that happen

maybe go to your writer portal
then Account Settings
then Email preferences and uncheck the one named “I’d like to receive reminders of ready-to-publish stories.”

but how??

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Um, I think up top there’s a button that says unsubscribe. I think :thinking:

that’s the phrasing? I don’t see that one.

the only boxes I see are
“I’d like to receive email updates when there are new directing tools or art.”
“I’d like to receive writing tips based on my own progress and stories.”
"Offers, events, promotions, new product features, and similar updates. "

and I have had all of those unchecked for a while.

not as far as I can see. but thank you anyway!

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I signed up for the Beta testing thing so this is what i see

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oh, thank you!! huh, it doesn’t look like that for me. well, if that’s what they’re beta testing, maybe I’ll be able to unsubscribe in the future, once they’re implementing it.