💭 HOW TO: Spot direct Speech Bubble

Hey! I want to move my narrator box but it keeps saying i need to do this tail thing
I have this now :
@speechbubble is 161 91 100% with tail_top_right

It doesn’t matter if I type ’ with tail_top_right ’ or not , it always gives an error

But the narrator box doesn’t have a tail so I don’t know how to move my narrator box

I also already tried replacing @speechbubble with @narratorbox but it also gives an error

please help mee

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Oh thought I did that. Thank you so much


This is so helpful, but what’s the @ for thought bubbles?

A thought bubble:

And welcome to the community :wave: :heart:

I have a character, who’s on screen. How can I make the tail point up, rather than diagonally.


I’ve moved the speech bubble around, tried resetting and placing it above him to see if it makes a difference, hence it’s so far to the right.

I think when you place bubble more in the center of him (somewhere around the chest) it will be pointing up

Unfortunately, I’ve tried that. I placed two characters on either side of the screen. And it’s perfect for the left character, but not for the right.

But I’ll attempt it again :crossed_fingers:.

Let me know as I didn’t figure it out myself why some of them pointing up and some of them not. I’m thinking maybe it’s the placement of the characters and how many is them on the screen.

Thankfully, moving the characters worked instead of moving the speech bubble. Thanks though.

BUMP! :muscle:t2:

Can I just say how much I dislike it when people don’t bother spot directing their speech bubbles at all, so they end up looking like one big mess? You know, tails pointing towards the wrong character, bubbles covering heads, bubbles covering important parts of the scene, those kinds of things.

Y’all better follow this and spot direct your speech bubbles correctly. :eyes:

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Since they updated bubbles I’m spot directing EVERY ONE :persevere:

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Same. But I’ve always directed each bubble anyway, because I’m extra af. :smile:

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Bump :heart: Spot directing bubbles is a PAIN but pretty much all other directing stuff is fun :joy:


Like it

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how do you know where exactly on the screen the speech bubble will be?

please can someone tell me which number to change to get the speechbubble to underneath the “ok” in grey?