💭 HOW TO: Spot direct Speech Bubble


Click on:
Directing Helper
Bubble Helper


And on the left side you’ll have:

Show/Hide Speech - Showing/Hiding speech bubble
Cycle Tail - You can change the tail to different position

  • tail_top_right
  • tail_top_left
  • tail_bottom_right
  • tail_bottom_left

Switch Tool:
Scale - Make it smaller or bigger
Move - Move around the screen

@speechbubble is X Y to % with tail_POSITION_DIRECTION
X - (Right/Left)
Y - (Up/Down)
% - size

So as an example I’ve made my speech bubble bigger and changed the tail to the top left

Make sure you add this before the dialogue!

@speechbubble is 166 258 to 129% with tail_top_left
AMARA (talk_handsonhips)
Good morning!

It works for THOUGHT bubbles AND NARRATOR speech

Example for NARRATOR:
@speechbubble is 133 289 to 100%

(you don’t add tail position)

If you place your speech bubble too low or too high you’ll get a warning. Of course, you can still use it, but it may be invisible on smaller screens.


To reset your speech bubble after each placement (unless you want to leave it as it is)

@speechbubble reset

You want characters to have a text conversation or someone saying something and not being on the screen?

Place your character in a different zone!
(It depends which zone your scene is)

So my scene looks like this:
@AMARA stands screen center
@MOM stands screen right in zone 2
Breakfast is ready!


You can also move/size your speech bubble!


@JAKE stands screen center in zone 2
@HAILEY stands screen center in zone 2
@speechbubble is 163 382 to 100% with tail_top_right
Are we going out tonight?
@speechbubble is 159 309 to 100% with tail_top_left

Speech bubbles with no names?

(or replace with name UNKNOWN or NO NAME)

Don’t forget to save it!

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Thanks!!! This was really helpful😃


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really helpful


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What do i do if i want the text to be invisible ?


Make speech bubble very small for example so the text it’s not readable.


Ok thank you !!!
Your page is very usesful


How do we get the tail to move if it’s in a narrator box? Or does that not work??


The narrator box doesn’t have a tail


The part in red.


Actually, it does work :open_mouth: I just checked!

if you add with tail_top_right to speech bubble position the name will appear on the right side.


But now it won’t go back to the left, when it’s the other person :confounded::neutral_face:
And I literally just copied & pasted…


tail_top_left or speechbubble reset


thank you so much for the help now I can pretend the people don’t have a name I was wondering how people do that


Hi! I can’t find it on the internet, so… I was searching for some informations about speech bubbles’ tails position. I know about “Left, right, bottom and top” positions, but I’ve noticed that those tails sometimes are directed more to left, right or in the middle (like rounded). I’m adding some photos to show what I mean. hope you can help.


There’s no more positions than top, bottom (left, right) sorry :frowning: at least I don’t know about any others.


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This will be very helpful to many wonderful users ^^


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