Thoughts about Mafia/Gang-Leader stories?


Hey Guys! I have seen quite a lot of stories in the above mentioned theme. I’ve read a few of them, and I must say I found some of them interesting, but some didn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. And the most common thing I found that there is always romance between the MC and the Mafia/Gang leader. In these stories, I usually see a pretty girl and a pretty boy, both bada@# by the way, holding a gun on the cover. And they both usually end up together in the story. Next is a man who’s always angry and glaring down at a lady who always looks terrified when she sees him. They, too, end up together. Is it a fetish for all other stories which are based on crime? Or are there other stories that have different plots? I What are your thoughts on Mafia/Gang-Leader stories?

P.S. I’m not spreading negativity about these stories! Don’t take any offense, guys!


I think the whole dangerous criminal thing appeals to a lot of people and gang leader/criminal organization leader what have you is an easy way to present that narrative. The problem is the people writing these stories don’t usually know shit about gangsters or hood life or criminals. Normally they are just copying another story they read on Episode with the same general themes. A lot of these stories are lazy when it comes to character development and narrative and focus more on getting to the sex scenes. So you have “gangsters”, but they are just bad guys who do bad things for the sake of being bad guys who do bad things, their motives and back stories don’t go anywhere farther than that. The MCs are author/reader inserts living the life the writer wants to live, as a beautiful girl who 's just to shy and delicate to know how beautiful she is but all these dudes want to bang her her and make her their gang queen or whatever. Honestly these are mostly the same as high school stories just with, yuh know, a criminal organization instead of a football team. Mind you not all of them are like this, just most of them, because most of them are ripping off stories that were actually decent and doing a bad job of it.


Lol, I kinda of have that type of story…but it’s different. It’s The Twins, and it’s about how Scarlet and Bridget (twins) get kidnapped by one of the most fearsome gangs. Spoiler: Bridget does fall in love with a player…erm…gang member. Scarlet, for now, doesn’t. Is this the type of story you wouldn’t want to read since I mentioned this? Btw, it’s not really actually about that, there is little romance and more mystery.


I honestly hate them. A lot of them condone abusive relationships as affectionate and okay. It might not be physical abuse, but they also emotionally abuse MC or psychologically abuse them.


Hi all! There’s another thread discussing this here, feel free to join that conversation :slight_smile: