Thoughts about MC falling for kidnapper?

So, not sure if this is the right category for this, but anyway, I know a lot of people are weirded out with the idea of the MC falling for the kidnapper, and the thing is, I’m writing a story about kidnapping, so I’m wondering, should the kidnapper become a love interest? I’d imagine it being like Beauty and the Beast, the Beast keeps Belle locked in his castle, so sort of like kidnapping her (idk kind of), but eventually Belle realizes that the Beast isn’t as bad as he seems, and he eventually lets her go… So would this be okay?


I honestly don’t see it as too bad as long as he isn’t abusive or anything like that. Because that may send a poor message to young readers, lol. Other than that, it really depends on how it is portrayed. If he isn’t as bad as he seemed before, then go ahead!


Yes I agree with you! He absolutely will not be abusive. Thank you :))


No problem!


Depends on the reasoning for him kidnapping her in the first place. If it was for like a ransom, then I’d think it’d be a little weird. But if he had to for some reason, maybe?


Yeah I get that, and he does have a reason for kidnapping her besides for ransom, I just don’t want to be part of the cliche “MC falls for kidnapper”

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This is a very dangerous trope tbh. The idea of making kidnapper’s desirable is, um… :grimacing: It’s not a good look, you know? In saying that, I’ve done it twice. In comedy stories. Because making a joke of that fact that people can fall in love with someone who kidnaps them seems a lot more appropriate than romanticizing it


So do you think I should just stay away from it then? Like I said, it would be sort of like The Beauty and the Beast, and I’m not sure if other authors have done it like that, or if they just do the MC-instantly-falls-in-love-with-kidnapper-cuz-he’s-hot

If he kidnapped the MC for a reason such as protection, it was an order from someone (like a king if it’s a fantasy story), or because of some other reason that can be argued as a good reason, then for sure.

If he kidnapped the MC because of a ransom, just to be creepy, gang affiliated, psycho tingz then absolutely not.

Although you could go down the route of Stockholm syndrome, if you don’t romanticise it and go down a very real and accurate path then yes I think it could work very well.


Makes sense, but what if the kidnapper isn’t abusive? And treats her very well, just keeps her locked in a room :confused: I get how it would be offensive, but they can choose to not read the story, and I will warn the readers that the story has a kidnapping it, I don’t know…

It really just depends on how you do it… and also and perhaps even more importantly, what the kidnapper’s motivation is.

What I would recommend, is that if you are really passionate about the idea or the plot, to write it out in its entirety before publishing. Because so many authors go on hiatus or discontinue stories and I think with themes like this, it’s not a good idea to leave it hanging. If you write it in its entirety first, you can edit it until you’re sure it’s more along the lines of Beauty and the Beast rather than straight up Stockholm syndrome. Plus, you can have people beta read for you and ask them if they think it sends the wrong message, etc.


Okay, I will make sure the kidnapper has appropriate consequences. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Okay, I’ll take your advice and pour my heart out into this story. Thank you!!

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I think as long as the kidnapper doesn’t have a creepy sexual/romantic motive lewd stuff or them being too lonely or a stalker etc and isn’t abusive of any sort, it’ll be okay. I don’t know though, Beauty and the Beast kinda has a romantic motive but it’s still one of my favorite nevertheless… the 1991 movie by the way.

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So absolutely no abuse, not a stalker or loner, and doesn’t have a creepy motive got it. :grin:

Hm… I think that’s okay. I kind of had a story like that but the girl didn’t exactly fall in love with the kidnapper but she ended up working with him. Actually my story isn’t really like that and it’s kind of dark :neutral_face:… but what you’re doing I think is fine. Just maybe have a good reason for the kidnapping and make sure it doesn’t happen randomly, the kidnapper becomes really good and nice and let’s her go or something like that.



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seems like a tiktok pov haha


I know… is that a bad thing? :grimacing:

no haha

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