Thoughts About Premium/Gem Choices

I’ve seen a lot of people against them, and my original intent was to be extremely sparing with them. What kinds of things do people think are worth spending gems on? I hate spending them on completely common-sense reactions, and other things like that, so my plan was to do something like a “paid content” option. There are zero gem choices in the entire storyline: outfits, actions, reactions, conversation responses, etc are not gem-locked. However, they can be used to persuade characters to open up about their past via items that can be found in scenes and later returned to characters, which then triggers the character’s gratitude and a piece of their backstory that is linked to the item.

My quick question is whether or not people would actually consider that a good use of gems if it doesn’t affect the story at all?

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I feel like if people would use gems then there would be no difference between featured stories and normal ones.
But I think if people are going to use gems then it should be for something important and not for choosing outfits.

I understand where you’re coming from, but I prefer stories without gems!! They make the reader feel like they’re really in the story, not just simply playing a game. :heartbeat:

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As long as the information you receive isn’t necessary to the storyline, then I think that’s a great use of gems as bonus content!

For me personally I don’t like gem choices AT ALL… The whole reason I started reading Episode was because in the community almost no one uses the gem choices… But if you like gem choices, I guess that you should use them, for example, if it is a romance story to have a character ask you on a date and if you have enough gems then you can agree… Also, if your going to use the gem choices, maybe don’t use them for outfits like @sofia2 said…

I personally hate gem choices, they’re such a bad feature of episode.
Also, a lot of them don’t even effect the story at all.
It’s like after a break-up, and the best friend convinces the MC to go to a party, and the MC tries on a pretty outfit and it costs like 20 gems to wear that, just for the love interest to say like “wow u look nice” and then continue the story.

If you’ve already gone through the effort of changing into said outfit, why be like: “oh i don’t have the motivation to look good” because u already made yoself look good and now u just gon change back into yo ugly ass rags, like. WTF

I don’t like them either but if authors want to include them, I will respect their opinion. They work hard on their stories, so it’s up to them if they want to include it; hopefully, people, if they do add gem choices, they make sense, and are not used for choices that aren’t worth those amount of gems. Personally, for me, I would rather avoid having gem choices in my stories.

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