Thoughts About Roleplay or Storygame


Okay so it’s been almost 4 years I’ve done roleplay before and I forgot how to do it. But question, which one do you think is better: Roleplay or Storygame?

Because I’m thinking on doing one of them, organize the details, characters, info, etc for everyone who want to take part in.

I’m very much a jokester and a deep mysterious/ drama on doing Storygame and Roleplay but I’ll need help from few because I forgot and once again, it been a years since I’ve done that.

  • Roleplay
  • Storygame

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I love them both, but I am pretty sure roleplays are more popular. Also there a few mixed RP and SG which are also very good.


Which one do you recommend on here for anyone to read or take part in or even have some little ideas on how to do their own differently?


I personally love rp’s mixed with sg’s
But if I had to pick it’ll be RP
Tag me on the thread once you make it. I’ll sign up!


Roleplays are easier to organise so if you wanted something simple that everyone could participate in I would go with roleplay.
Tag me too I would love to sign up once you create it!! <3


@Mimi0829 and @Daisy_Flower1 I’ll sure do that. Looks like I’ll definitely go with roleplay and create the whole details when I get the chance. I was just wondering and now I know you both answer.


Tag me alsooooo


Hey, we are happy to have you want to start RPing here.
However, try to use the ideas thread to see how many people actually want this RP to happen. This also helps to generate a group to tag to participate.

If you want to RP, then all you need to know is here! Please read it, so that everyone follows the same guide.



Thanks for the details. I’ll be sure to follow the guidelines and read the ideas thread to even put mine there whenever I’m ready.