Thoughts about this edit?

I just started to edit and I would love to hear some feedback and what I can do better :two_hearts:


What app do you use? If I know I can give better advice. I personally use ibis paint x :sparkling_heart:

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I use ibis paint x also :slight_smile:

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It’s really good but you could more shade the highlights in the hair. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I wouldn’t use white to highlight unless it’s black ig

Try using a lighter shade of the color when highlighting.

Also for the eyelashes, they look too straight.

Try using references.

For the outline this is my pen settings


Really like the pose with the sweater. I would suggest to not shade with black to brownish colors, but more into other hues as yellow and reds (depends on the skins undertone)

Those are the typical tones I shade with Screenshot_45

Not all work for darker skin tones, but darker skin tones are another topic since dark skin is not just ‘‘black’’.

Some darker Shadows in the sweater would give it more depth, but remember, try to avoid black and use a more saturated red for it or even shift the color to more pinkish dark.

A great example is the color wheel, not only to shift the dark and white value but also the color itself. for example for red: more orange-red undertone highlights, more pinkish red undertone shadows.


Other than that, you could also try to give the eyes more details like little highlights :relaxed:

But overall it looks nice.


a quick example for the face, this is just the base layer, at this point you just add more and more shadows and highlights of different hues and try to blend them in together(on different layers, I only had one and it was hard not to ruin your line art, so I couldn’t blend them out perfectly :sweat_smile: )


From what I’ve learned make faster and longer strokes on hair and cut stabilizer all the way up. Also round brush particle is great for hair and don’t try to make big white lines in hair, it won’t come out good.


whoever her hairstylist is is not her friend and they clearly don’t know what highlights mean :roll_eyes::joy:

that was a joke

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Rather than joking I’m pretty sure constructive criticism that help would beneficial :slightly_smiling_face: just saying it could be seem as rude even tho it’s a joke.


I love how her hair looks so wild but its a good edit😌

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I’m no expert on drawing but it seems like a really good edit.

Other than that, it looks great!! Keep doing what you do!!


Its Good in my opinion