Thoughts and Overlays


Do any of you know when there is a end of every movies and I believe TV series, they have the person names that playing who by, who direct it, produce, music names playing by and so on? (I don’t know if I’m explaining that better to make sense)

Will that be interesting for anyone that want that in a story they read or will that just be a waste of times? Please let me know…

If you want that in a story (which is exactly what I want to do and thought on doing), does anyone know anyone who can or know how to do a overlays splash of character names only? (with better font and I will pm you or just give you the details on here, if needed)


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I believe you’re talking about the end credits on a movie. :smiley:


I’m not too sure if that’s what it is. Basically I have my own characters in a story and at the end of each chapters, I just want to list all character names at the end of each chapters (not entirely giving credit to them, if that makes sense).

For example:
Loretta (the main character)
Cannie (the author)
Sydney (mentor)

And so on… just letting the reader know who or what the characters are when they are reading about them. Never mind, I’m probably not making sense to it.


Oh, I think I get it! :smiley: That sounds like an appendix. Basically a place where you put information about the people involved in making the story and the characters within the story. You could probably make a splash with the information on it and then just stick at the end of the chapter. :smile:


I think that would actually be pretty cool


Exactly! Thanks for understanding.


Thanks, I really think so too. I’ll have to look somewhere in this forum on who can make splashes of character names for me.


You’re very welcome. ;D If you look in the Art Resources , there’s plenty of art groups that would love to help you. :wink:


I can do it if you want me to, but there’s many other people who are available to do so as well. (As Sydney said)


Please, that will be great! I’ll pm you the details.


This sounds really cool!! I don’t think I have ever seen any one on Episode do that!




Well I am full with certain creative ideas I want to share but thanks.


It sounds different which I like. I haven’t yet seen anyone else do it.
But for me to like it, it has to be quite short. I think I’d be tired of it if it would last too long.


Thanks for letting me know. I don’t want to do too much that it will make the reader get tired or boring from it.