Thoughts on Danny Gonzalez

To start, I think this belongs here and not in general chit-chat because it’s talking about his coverage of episode in his videos

This is specifically in reference to his video where he talked about cringey Episode ad memes and mentioned wanting to do a whole video about bad episode stories (9:41).

What are yall’s thoughts on that? Does it change depending on what he would say?

My thinking is conflicted:
On one hand

  • We all know a lot of sometimes featured stories are bad and cringey and love to make fun of them already. What can he possibly say that we haven’t?
  • I think he’s a great comedian and maybe him covering Episode could bring more people to the platform.

On the other hand,

  • He’s not a part of the community. He’s just not going to have the same understanding of context as us.
  • In the video he said that users could submit stories and seemed to indicate that THAT was the reason the app was cringey (despite the fact that objectively the best stories on the app are community writers’).
  • As legitimate as criticisms are, he has such a large following that if he only focuses on the negative over a million fans might think that cringe is all Episode is which it is but we love it

What’re your hot takes?


I don’t think you need to be a part of the community to have critisms.

He was right. It is really fucking stupid to have two choices being “Pee In Her Mouth” or “Divorce”. It puts out a bad outlook on the game, and I agree with everything he said.


Well, it was entertaining as Hell! But a shame that he didn’t show that there is another side to the app :roll_eyes: It might be hard to find for lots of people but fjsjdjjksksks come onnnnnnn, we’re not all cringey like that


You’re absolutely right, and almost all of Episode’s ads are suuuuuper dumb (except the lesbian ‘i’ll climb her like a vine’ one, I’ll defend that one to my death). I don’t think anything he said was wrong, and I love his comedy.

I was more just thinking about what are the ramifications of someone so mainstream potentially playing through cringey/bad stories


Oh, then absolutley. But, I think a lot of the people who watched that already played the game, or had some background knowlege on it (that’s not saying much, their ads are everywhere).


Well, for one thing, it is relatively hard for outsiders/normies to get into the app, because of the mandatory reading of one of the Official episodes. There is this other YouTuber Matt Shea who played through the first chapter of The Kiss List, and I get how stories like them would get misconstrued into every single story.


I was thinking that too- Like he’s going to start out with only two passes and have to read the Baby Project??

I also just think that the video might not be that funny because again ‘normies’ don’t get the context- to us a bad boy/mafia joke is funny because we know that it’s oversaturated. But if you only read one or two stories that joke is lost. Same thing with breaking the fourth wall or going against Episode tropes. Yeah you can get the surface level ‘this is dumb’, but I’d be interested to see how/if he could make it deeper than that.

But yeah, I worry about misrepresenting the app as just full of It Starts with a Bra and nothing else


I wish there would be some YouTuber who would ‘debunk’ these Episode myths/misconceptions or something.

I don’t know, maybe I’m stretching a bit :sweat_smile:


i’m not sure where the problem is

people are insanely attracted to cringey stuff that’s like the whole internet

even people who make videos making fun of tik tok get millions of tiktok followers its genius :joy:

also how many more people can get into episode i thought the whole world already downloaded it like once already :joy:


True, at the end of the day, Episode gets more users, but that doesn’t mean the method getting there is … classy :laughing:


what if i’m not classy :wink:

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honestly like in thinking about it is it any less classy than what we do?

Like I’ve absolutely hate-read cringey stories to make fun of them, if other people join the app specifically just to do that… ¯_(ツ)_/¯


As long as people are aware that these ads are edited and not exactly real, (it’s pee in a cup, not pee in her mouth) I’m fine with it. I love these videos.

Just imagined commentary youtubers making a video about Episode. I’m not ready for that tho :eye::lips::eye: