Thoughts on episode permanently deleting stories with very mature themes

True, but you don’t have to read that type of content on Ivy if you dont want. It’s still better than allowing authors to write mature stuff on a kid’s app (even if Episode is hypocritical when it comes to that sometimes, doesn’t mean we should be too).

Plus, i feel confident once the Ivy writing portal is open for the community that more variety of stories besides the erotic type will come out. I know myself and a several other people plan on writing stories on the app that isnt pornographic stuff.


Maybe you’re right. I haven’t downloaded it because everything I’ve seen so far just makes me cringe.

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me personally if your not over 17+ don’t watch the story, thats literally it…Period, and a lot of authors put the warning sign when there is a usually a sexual scene not all authors but most.

I don’t know, if Episode is permanently removing your story, I doubt it’s without a very valid reason. As many others have said, they usually give you a chance to correct the errors before taking such extreme disciplinary action. Say, if it’s a story with millions of reads, they won’t want to remove it from their platform because that’d be a direct loss of profit; so they have a little give to the rules.

99% of the time, I don’t have an issue with sexual theme because most authors know where to draw the line and use the necessary warnings. Most of the time it’s suggestive, but doesn’t cross the line into pornography. The issue with authors is, which you already mentioned, that they get a little carried away and write something that isn’t appropriate for a young audience. It sucks that they can’t freely express themselves; but it’s written clearly in the guidelines and authors know the risk of ignoring them. If they get in trouble, that’s really on them. Every platform has rules to abide by in order to protect and keep their community safe, and failure to abide by them results in consequences.

Does episode enforce these rules fairly? Of course not, you’d be silly to think they do and I sincerely hope they eventually get better with this.


Well. We all know the rules, what is allowed and what not. If you decide to write something that isn’t allowed, don’t complain It’s getting deleted.

Okay they can send an email before deleting but come on. Don’t act innocent.

I do feel bad for the autwhor because it cost a lot of time and work. And to delete a whole story for only a few scenes is sad.