Thoughts on... Episodes New “Feed” Feature


What do you think about episode coming out with an “instagram” but for episode?
Will you be using instagram once everyone is able to use the episode feed?
If you don’t have an instagram for personal reasons, will you be thankful for this feature?
If you have it. do you like it? Why or why not ?
Here’s more details about the new feed feature:

New feed update
New Feed on Episode?
New feed update
Slightly disappointed

This is the first I’m hearing about this… I think it will be good For the ones who don’t have instagram…


yeah my boyfriend didn’t want me having an instagram but because I wanted people to be updated on my story I decided to make one… if this is just like instagram where we get followers and people are able to keep tabs on what we’re doing and stuff then I might just delete instagram and switch over to the feed. Only reason I had instagram was because episode didn’t have a feed like ig lol


Like I don’t have insta… so it’s hard for me… but I manage


yes especially when people tell us to follow them on instagram in order to get certain outfits, etc, or just for sneak peeks


Yep… but luckily I just use the ones from episode… lol but I love doing background edits and all that stuff… lol


That’s the first time I have heard it though…
Its true that if we would be able to do this with our profile so we don’t really need insta but I’ll still keep it though as its more convenient in some cases…


I don’t like the fact that they give certain Authors get an early access to it, it’s basically saying they are more important than the rest of us who write. Since its an update for the app it should be accessible to everyone right away


I feel like it’s important to have a test group though. I’m sure the feed will be available to everyone else, very soon. With less bugs, etc.

It’s always been this way with updates too (especially writers portal updates).


On a completely unrelated topic why doesn’t he want you not to have one? Not trying to be rude


oh, cus we both believe social media causes problems with relationships , lol, but he’s comfortable with my instagram just being episode related :slight_smile:


I totally agree!


I understand about the test group but maybe they could’ve had sign ups available for those that wanted to test it instead of secretly doing it, if that makes sense :joy: I cant wait for the feature though! :smiley:


OH I was thinking of something else and you’re right Insta can cause tons of relationships issues. My sister’s ex used Instagram to try to hurt her so. Yeah.


Like above, first I’m hearing about it. However, I really hope its not like the instagram community which is beyons toxic. Like people shutting down accounts, people spreading hate.

I wont get rid of my insta because people are more likely check their feed on Insta rather than episode. (Sense most likely they are already on the app for friends and such)


I totally get what you’re saying but wouldn’t it be easier for episode to get rid of those toxic people via the episode app rather than the instagram app? because if someone’s being toxic on their instagram account episode has no control over it whereas they’ll have more control over episode , if that makes sense :joy:


But they’ve given to authors who are quite popular, they just didn’t randomly picked people to do it


yeah, my point exactly… so far i’ve only seen big authors talk about it. :weary:


I think it’s alike with beta testing. I understand not wanting to release them all at once. I suggest releasing them to a random selection of people (which I think they’re already doing if in not mistaken)


yeah but with the beta testing there were sign ups- for this? it was random.