Thoughts on... Episodes New “Feed” Feature


I still haven’t got him & I really want it. :sob::joy:

I didn’t want the new speechbubbles, yet I got them. But I want this update, but I haven’t got it. :woman_facepalming:t3::joy:


It’s been so long since I heard anything about the feed feature, I forgot about it :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Yeah lol. Then i was tracking this topic (sounds weird) and it popped back up and I remembered about it lol. :smile::joy:


Does anyone else not have this?


Yeah, still haven’t got it


I don’t. Got the speechbubbles I didn’t want though :roll_eyes:


I don’t have it yet…


As for the speech bubbles, I don’t dislike them or like them, they just seem like a little addition to me that I got but I don’t have the profile feature… which is what I rly want


I still don’t have it either. I wonder if we’re ever even gonna get it lol.


Same. I would prefer to have this feature instead of the face-covering speech bubbles.


Hey all, we are still testing a the Social Feed. We’ll be sure and have an announcement when its available for everyone.


Thank you for letting us know :slight_smile:


Thank you. Hopefully soon, it seems like forever but I’m sure it will be someday​:thinking::hugs:


i still dont have it


I like it, but I don’t think it will be utilized much since people already have Instagrams. Most people just use the app to play stories more than with the purpose of using it as social media. But it’s nice! I’m glad I’m finally apart of a special group that gets something early lol.


omg I didn’t even know abt this!!! updates app


Didn’t read all the comments because there’s too many lol, but personally, I would like using Instagram better. I think it’s just more convenient, I can’t imagine the social media portion on Episode being better or on par with Instagram tbh. I believe it’d be quite limited. Not only that, but with Instagram, I believe there is a bigger reach. You are able to reach audiences even off the app. But, the main point for me is that there’s no way that Episode’s social media thing will be as easy/feature-full to use as Instagram’s.


I want this so bad :anguished: Like I have an IG, but am unable to use it, so this feature would be an absolute godsend!


So… I thought one of the benefits of the feed would be that it could potentially be “safer” than Instagram as it would be easier for Episode to monitor.

There’s no block button and EVERYONE can see your posts (you can’t go on private).
You can report comments but I’m not sure how much good that does, especially as there already appears to be a few morons bored people with nothing better to do in the community.


I like this idea. I have an instagram, but I use it for something else and wouldn’t want to clog up my feed with episode stuff. Having something like this would make it easier to promote.