Thoughts on first edits?

I drew everything except the beanie on the first one. This is a bad girl gone good type thing. :slight_smile: The first one she has 1 brown eye and one blue and the reason is to represent my doggy doo so ignore that hahaimage can you tell me if these are okay?image

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Ofc I would be adding bg ect. But ignore that atm

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They’re great :slight_smile: but I usually give improvements rather than what you’re doing well in, because what’s the point in that :joy:
So I’ll give you a tip or two for next time.

Try using a thin tool to sketch out individual hair strands on top of the colour, and don’t be afraid to go off the outline, that makes it seem more realistic, you should also follow the hair flow. For example, the second picture, the front of the ponytail should go towards the back rather than straight down :slight_smile: So what I mean is:


My example isn’t the greatest but you get what I mean? :joy:

For the first one, the beanie needs to surround the hair rather than be on top of it. So what you want to do is:


You should take away that area so the hair looks like it’s coming out from the beanie.

You could also add in a background, you don’t have to necessarily draw it, but it adds more flare to your edits.

Great job on the edits though!