Thoughts on Glitch girl?


What are your thoughts on “Glitch Girl” by Joseph Evans?


I think Glitch girl is amazing! :heart_eyes:

I think it would be even cooler if we could choose our names and stuff so that it feels like we’re actually part of the story. But the plot feels like it would appear in an awesome action movie. I also like some of the cooler details in the directing, like the explosion in episode 1.

I’m kinda ranting at this point, but that’s my opinion! :grin:


I absolutely love it so far. I like the plot and the directing on it is lovely. It’s got me really excited lmao.


I totally agree!


It’s a pretty cool story, tbh. Nice job Joseph Evans!


It’s very good. I find that Joseph Evans stories rarely disappoint and this is very good. I like how he got right into the action/drama part of the story. I also like the main character too.



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