Thoughts on High school stories?

Hi everyone!

I recently started working on a new story and I’ve decided it’s going to be set in high school. Before I shoot myself in the leg by misjudged popular opinion, what are your thoughts on high school stories?

What are you tired of seeing?
What do you want to see?
Should these stories be scrapped?

I want your honest opinions!!


I don’t mind high school stories as long as its interesting and unique!!
I don’t like the cringe ‘bad boy wants you’
I like unique plot, so that when I search for the story, I don’t see 100 same stories with the description:
Bad boy Ryder wants you and will do anything to get you.
Something like that xd
Even if you choose this plot, try to make it with different twists, and keep the readers wanting to continue the story!:wink:
This is my opinion, good luck with your story, if you need any script templates, help with coding or even proofreading, feel free to pm me! (I do it for free)


Same here. Please, no bad boy wants you stuff → ‘because you are different than the other girls…’ :roll_eyes: And no mean girls who wants to make MC live a living hell because the LI likes the MC. :woman_facepalming:t2: It’s too cringe and too predictable. Also try to make a slow burn relationship between MC and LI. Not kissing already in episode 1 and being his girlfriend already in episode 3. :woman_facepalming:t2:



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Tysm :two_hearts: I’ll keep this in mind and I’ll be sure to PM you if I need any help!

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Mean girls and two-goody shoes MC, the tattooed bad boy LI
Pleaseee…show us something new!! :folded_hands:

Instead of bad boys and good girls, why not good boys and bad girls too? :woman_shrugging:


I’ve got something like that in the works :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


woahh :flushed: Amazing! Tag me when it’s out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Will do!


I don’t mind them as long as they’re not cliche or romance (just because I’m not a huge fan of romance lol) and that they’ve got an interesting plot because I’m sick of reading similar stories over and over again… but I find it quite funny when an author ever writes anything cliche that they kind of call it out and mock it a little bit lmao


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The Episode parody subgenre is one of my favorites, ever. The way it makes fun of the cliches, just

Perfection :italian_hand:

And then you read a story that unironically uses the tropes being parodied and facepalm into next week


not a fan of how most are excecuted tbh, like it’s all outdated stereotypes now (like the bad boy, jock, pick me girl, mean girl group)

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they’re very fun and very cliche! i love them a lot, because highschool is the time where you begin your journey on becoming your own person and finding out your passions and dreams

Story which don’t show bad and mean boys and little slow burn with some drama cliffhanger are my favourite

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Thank you all so much for your responses! I’ll be sure to make notes. Also, it would be great if you could tag people - I really want to get the biggest picture I can! :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

High school stories can be great as long as there’s a good plot and interesting characters. I don’t really care about the age of the characters, as long as they are likeable and have distinct personalities. My story is set in high school, but the characters are in a cooking program, so it’s not exactly a typical high school. There’s no ‘bad boy’, and although there is a mean girl, she’s not the stereotypical blonde queen bee, nor is she interested in the LI.

In conclusion, as long as a story is well-written and I can sympathize with the main characters, it doesn’t matter if they are in high school or if they are adults.


High School stories can be really fun!
I don’t really read stories set in any kind of school much anymore, but they used to be some of my favorites, and I’m absolutely not opposed to reading a couple if they seem unique and interesting.

My biggest gripe with them that hasn’t been mentioned yet (unless I missed something, in which case I’m so sorry!), is that there’s so many High School stories that would be better set in college with the themes they include, or with how the characters are acting.

Then as others have mentioned, mean girl and bad boy tropes are things I am very not fond of anymore. Also those nerdy girl makeover stories. Unless you’re doing something new and inventive with them, or a parody (all of which I’d love to see honestly), it’s probably best to avoid them.

Something I’d love to see is some kind of mystery set in a High School story, I haven’t seen much of that and it can be really fun. I’d also love to see one focused on the MC finding themselves, as opposed to romance being at the forefront. Authenticity is always wonderful too. They’re kids in High School. They’re teenagers, some of them are going to make some really stupid decisions and that’s absolutely okay. There’s a lot of pressure at that age and thinking you know how things work and then learning you don’t.

  1. What am I tired of seeing?
    Everything taking the same course of another story and give the characters new names, suddenly it’s a story. No. Just don’t.
    Also, pay attention that high school students are BELOW 18. Even if your story situates in the US, it’s not even legal for the kids to even possess firearms, let alone drinking alcohol or driving/riding (idk how’s that logic but it is what it is so yeah).
    So don’t think about a high school bad boy suddenly riding the MC to the middle of nowhere to force himself upon her with the influence of some beer. You’re inciting criminal activities. What do you think?

  2. What do I want to see?
    Same as most people here had stated: authenticity. I want a story, something that could make me raise my eyebrows and be like: I don’t need sleep. I need answers.
    I want to see real struggles. As in realistic, I don’t mean it’s 100% accurate to our real-life physics. For example, Switch by Alusza. It’s about a playboy “transformed” into a girl because he broke too many hearts. How? Magic. Is it bad? No, go read it and you’ll find out.
    But the protagonist’s struggle is real (spoilers ahead) How does a guy react to his (rather, her) reproductive organ bleeding? Mortified, probably cry a lot especially under the influence of hormones. How did h- she overcome it? With the help of a friend. Although it involves magic, the struggles are relatable as they’re realistic, they’re something we can feel in real life, it makes the impact stronger.

  3. Should these stories be scrapped?
    Not. I cherish every idea existing on the platform as they all come from each mind to contribute to a massive library of ideas and virtual worlds.
    What I dislike about this type of story is that they’re of the same format. Girl falls for guy, guy falls for girl, they fking elope and end of story. If you wish to write a story, don’t be lazy. Think about how you can change things, think about what if’s (the favorite line in romance about what if we never met and that sort of junk) What I’m trying to say is that you have to brainstorm something more than just a homo sapiens going to school and falling in love documentary. Ey, buddy. we don’t have time for that junk.


I mean, I’m making an Episode story that takes place in high school soo….

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