Thoughts on 'LOVE & WAR'

LOVE & WAR (stylized like so) is Episode’s latest featured story, written by Sandra.G.

I first saw this story last night, when I was browsing Episode nonchalantly, looking for something to read before going to bed. Of course, something popped up advertising the new story, so I decided to check it out.

The description is most like almost every other Episode story about a bad boy, so, I wasn’t expecting much. But I decided to check it out, anyways.

I won’t spoil too much of the plot, so I’ll go through the motions and point anything out that bothers me or needs to be commented on.

I read the first three episodes.


  • Nothing too special or amazing - I did notice a small error where the speechbubble wasn’t reset, but that’s about it.
  • Saw another error when the best friend says “Max is staring at you.” To which it cuts to a… blank zone. With nobody in it.
  • End of the second episode, it shows a black screen instead of the end card.
  • Eyy, I did like that part with the frog, though. Made it the episode feel more alive.


  • Typical bad boy plot you see on Episode, really, nothing new. Not sure if we should have expected anything new from Episode.


  • Nothing really that special, though it has no grammatical or spelling errors, so props for that?


  • The MC is customization once again, which I don’t have a huge problem with, but, I know people really want to see some non-custom MC’s every now and then. The next story, perhaps.
    Negating the few special characters (love interest, best friend, etc), a few of the background characters seem to be default. It’s a tad bit distracting once you realize it.
  • Bad boy love interest is both a jackass to the MC and the staff at the school, no surprise here. He has no regard for MC’s privacy and is like every god damn bad boy in every story on Episode.
  • MC’s best friend is MC’s best friend, acts like most other best friends you see in Episode stories. Nothing new here.
  • There’s no popular girl with bleached blonde hair and lip injections for an enemy, so that’s pretty nice, for sure.

  • Never mind about the popular girl thing, I spoke too soon.
  • Bad boy spouted ‘you should stay away from me’ line. You know, at least he isn’t rich - that would make this even more cliche.

Other Comments:

  • I don’t mean to be that person, but when the girls (MC and best friend) pull up to school and one of the boys says ‘Hello, ladies!’ he gets slapped by the girl next to him. Played off as comedic. I don’t care if that girl was his girlfriend or his best friend or whatever - you do not slap someone like that. Yes, assuming that the girl is his girlfriend, he shouldn’t have said that. But that doesn’t give her the right to slap him! I know people might say it’s just for comedic purposes, but, I’m tired of this double standard. Would you be laughing if it was a man hitting his girlfriend? No. It’s the same god damn thing when a girl hits her boyfriend.

So… It wasn’t that bad. But it wasn’t that great. Ready it for yourselves and give it a shot! I’d love to hear your thoughts.



So no one replied, but I’ll give my opinion anyways.

So I really only read the first 3 episodes the day it came out, so by directing, it pretty much sucked…
It wasn’t even a customization template with anything specific, it was that new universal avatar thing, and the author used position most of the time instead of spotting (which in Limelight makes the males be way shorter than the females)

There was that weird kinda creepy dude that was following the MC around but he was a nerd so it’s like it makes it okay that he basically stalks her.

About the slapping thing, it’s not always the same as a man hitting a woman, no one gets hurt and it’s really just because the guy was being a perv, the girl didn’t physically injure anyone, it was worth a laugh.
And I honestly have seen stuff like that in real life too, and girls who do that as a joke too, they’re not hurting anyone so, no, it’s not the same.
It’s bad if they are hurting someone, if not, it’s just to make you laugh at that situation, nothing else.


It’s not the slap itself that bothers me, I suppose, but the double standard.
I don’t think that if it was some girl checking out a few guys, and subsequently being slapped by her boyfriend (or whoever that girl was to the guy), it would be played off for laughs.
We should be seeing those sorts of things the same no matter what gender is doing it to another gender, but, maybe I’m analyzing your thing wrong.


I agree, if a boy slapped a girl, it would be world war three, if a girl slapped a boy she would be praised.

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I do not think hitting is funny at all. A girl slapping a guy for anything other than the guy is coming at her aggressively is unacceptable. If my sons were ever in a relationship with women who slapped them just because they were angry, I’d be THAT mother who shames the hell outta that girl and I hope I’ll have raised my sons well enough to know that crap is not healthy for a relationship.

I read mid chapter 1 btw and exited. I’m pretty sure I partially read a story like that already.


i see your point on double standards but my husband smacks my hand and I slap his arm when we’re out doesn’t hurt and it’s silly. But slapping in the face is disrespectful though I’ve only slapped someone in the face twice and that was a good reason for both times.


Well, yeah, that’s a different thing. As long as the two people know it’s all fun and games, I don’t see a problem. My best friend and I playfully hit each other all the time.

But, in the context of the story, I don’t think it’s okay. The girl just sorta hit him out of nowhere, and it obviously wasn’t meant to be playful.


@Melc144 @thesoulpunk Of course it’s okay when it’s friendly and funny and you don’t actually hurt each other.
I’m not a violent person, but it’s not like I never hit anyone in my life (who hasn’t in some way) but it’s not okay to just hit someone with no reason (btw when I did hit someone it wasn’t that kind of situation, more like fights and stuff and mostly with other girls or friends I’d never hit a boyfriend just like that)

I said before that that it’s not the same thing when a woman slaps a man and when a man slaps a woman I meant it a little differently then what @thesoulpunk said in reply, if a guy slaps his girlfriend because she checked someone out that’s not okay and no one would make a comic thing out of it so you think why the other way around is? It’s not, that’s just something people do in stories and movies etc as a comic thing people don’t even think about it.
People just treat it as “it’s playful and nobody got hurt” and nobody got hurt (it’s not very playful though) but think about how many cases of man hitting their girlfriends/ wives etc and less the other way around so I guess that looks okay because the girl didn’t hurt or injure the guy but it still wrong and I’m not saying it’s okay, it’s not but that’s just how society is I’m not a child, you think I don’t get it’s serious? But it wasn’t meant to be offensive so don’t take it too hard.

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Agreed, but nobody can deny there is double standards on both sides.

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@thesoulpunk Just saw the scene where the slap occurred. Honestly, the scene itself felt like a scene to throw in to make the story longer. It served no purpose, doesn’t help further the plot, and seemed ultimately useless.

Now, regarding the double standard itself, I agree with you. Let’s reverse the genders momentairly. “Ah, but she wasn’t physically injured”. I don’t know if some of you know this but when you get hit, it hurts. It just might even sting a little… right?! So there you have it. Guess what… it isn’t right to justify it either way. I highly doubt it would be considered “comedic” then with a reversal. In fact, it would be scolded and deemed unmanly and coward-like of the male. Since in this case its opposite for females (and often justified when it shouldn’t), theoretically no one should be complaining if a man slaps a woman in a story. It’s for comedic purposes, ya’ know? (/sarcasm)

But anyway, I think the opposite would happen.

It’s not right either way.

As a matter of fact, just throw gender out of the window. Unless for self-defense, no one should be putting their hands (slap, punch, kick, etc.) on anyone. Whether jokingly, carelessly, and even intentionally, it is still wrong to do this to another person for any reason besides self-defense. Period.

Equality is equality. It must be presented exactly how it is transcribed.


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: