Thoughts on mafia story?

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I try to refrain from mafia stories because they aren’t crafted well but here is my opinion

It’s honestly kind of annoying that the top romance stories are almost always mafia stories

Don’t take it the wrong way this is my opinion

Almost every mafia story has the same plots, same character backgrounds, and almost everything is the same. What I especially hate the fact that the only mafia being used is the Italian mafia making them out to be criminals, drug lords, and gangsters. Romanticizing the mafia is I guess the only way an author gets reads but come on be a little more creative. Making the characters seem like good people in the end is a NO many deaths are caused by the mafia INNOCENT lives taken and making them out to who they are not is common to find among these stories.
Please if you decide to make a mafia story be creative and work on your character development

I honestly would like to give mafia stories a chance but only if they are crafted WELL


i’m so sorry :pleading_face::pleading_face:

I just want to say that mafia stories sole reason is to entertain. Just because an author romanticizes the Mafia, it does not mean he or she adores it or is ignorant of it.

Episode stories are not based on reality (most of them) and episode is for 13+ if I’m not mistaken. A person that age is capable to understand that mafia is extremely horrible.

Also, I’m not saying that mafia stories are very educational nor that the mafia is a very amazing organization, because obviously it’s not, but has anyone seen the Classic Hollywood Trilogy?
The Godfather? That is an amazing movie and it’s about the mafia. It’s romanticized as well, and thanks to it, pretty much everyone associates Italy to mafia.

In addition, stories are product of an author’s imagination and creativity, all stories contain fictitious elements.

Once again, I do not agree with the mafia or anything, I understand what it means and what it does in real life. But we’re talking about mafia in stories.


I’m just gonna answer this

with a link to a reply I sent in another thread to an Italian user who was comparing a mafia TV series to Episode mafia stories. (Both that user and I are Italians btw). I kindly invite you to read it :sparkles:


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Then don’t compare it with the trilogy, the story is still to entertain and not to inform. I get that Episode is directed to teens, while the trilogy is directed to adults, but at the end of the day, both stories and movies will do the same. Once again, teens are old enough to understand what the mafia, if they chose to read an episode story about it, it’s not the author’s problem. Also, episode doesn’t have an age limit, only minimum, therefore, the community has a portion of mature people who can read these stories.

Once again, the mafia is bad and horrible; episode stories write about a fake and romanticized mafia :heart: also I wrote this half asleep so sorry :disappointed:

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I feel like you didn’t really read the whole of my comment. Especially the part where I say that we’re sick and tired of seeing this trope being used again and again and again. A trope wouldn’t continue existing if people stopped writing about it. By that I don’t mean “stop writing about mafia in your stories”, rather I wish it were done correctly. Most stories don’t do that, sadly.

And like I said, just because they’re stories doesn’t mean that everything is welcome. Episode might allow it in their guidelines but we forget that Episode is a business that needs revenue. Mafia stories are what’s trending now, so it’d be insensible of them if they restricted their guidelines even further (not to mention people’s complaints).

Why is racism in fiction abhorred now when it was perfectly fine not too many decades ago? Monkey POCs was a trope that made people laugh back then, I wonder why we don’t do that anymore please excuse the sarcasm.

For one, it makes me sad that the first thing most people think of when hearing “Italy/Italians” is mafia. We’re not that. Just like Mexicans aren’t drug dealers, Americans aren’t fast-food addicts, Muslims aren’t terrorists, and so on. If the community started glamorizing and romanticizing a trope that is associated with your ethnicity, culture, nationality, religion, whatever, you’d feel offended too. Otherwise, why do some people even bother doing their research when they want to add diversity to their stories? If anyone can do what they want, then what’s the point?


I actually like mafia stories idk why
I’m thinking of starting to write one soon but I don’t want to make the family Italian as it is used too often, does anyone know a better place for them to be from?
I’m also thinking that both the mc and li will be in the mafia as it is less used than the typical li is in the mafia, mc is a normal person etc.


What about Spain or France, it really depends on how you want your character to be


Older brother
Oldest brother
Uncle on dad’s side - dad’s brother
Aunt on dad’s side
Cousin on dad’s side
Cousin on dad’s side
Uncle on mum’s side - mum’s brother
Aunt on mum’s side
Cousin on mum’s side

What ethnicity/s do you think this family would be? I think they mum and her brother could be French?


I think they could be French


Ok thank you, does that include the other people married into the family (aunt on dad’s side and aunt on mum’s side)?


Mafia isn’t romantic. Sure, teenaged girl might like to believe that it is, but it isn’t. No hate to anyone specific- but I think lots of these stories are very toxic!


I’m not sure about the ones that are going to be married into the family but make them as you like and if you want to ask me something again you can pm me


i’ll try my best to find time to read it!!


Thank You, if you do and if you have time would love to hear your thoughts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart: :heart: .

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