Thoughts on making a thread to a story

I was thinking about making a thread for my story, because sometimes I want to say something about an episode. I also thought it might be helpful to promote my story with that thread. What do you think about threads to stories?
I thought about making an insta too, but I’m bad at social media stuff and never had an insta acc.
Please give me some opinions!

Making one (1) thread for your story may be more beneficial than harmful. I mean, what’s the downside? It’s a good way to promote on the forums and get your story out there.
What I dont suggest is spamming your story on every review/read page or updating every hour on your thread. That gets annoying and old really fast.

So, go for it! The forums are a great place to get some constructive feed back and readers.


I’m just scared that people might think I’m too “desperate” for reads…
But thanks for your opinion!

No way! You should tag me if you make the post so I can read your story :slight_smile:

I will! Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t mind people making threads to promote their story when the threads are more like “hey, just published my new story, it’s about xxx, it’d be nice if you read it!” but I really don’t like it when an author frequently posts updates about their story in the thread. I don’t quite know how to express myself with this but when people make update threads for their story, I feel like I’m being forced to be aware of their story every time they post an update/sneak peak - and I don’t want that because it is most likely not a story that I have added to my favorites and therefore actually care about.
I think IG would fit much better because then people can actively choose whether they want to follow the updates or not. If they care about the story, they can follow the IG account and if they don’t care, well then they just don’t follow. But on forums, you can’t actively remove update threads about stories that you have no interest in.

But if you think making a thread suits you better, then of course you should do that!
This is just my honest opinion but I’m sure lots of people think otherwise.
Good luck with promoting your story! x

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