Thoughts on male MC


I’m writing a new fantasy story. What are your thoughts on a customizable male MC (pick look and name) But also the option to make some major and minor choices for other characters?? Would people be interested?


I would! There are barely any stories with male Main Characters, and as a guy who uses episode it’s pretty cool when there’s stories with them.


Cool! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


I’d love that, because there isn’t an enough episode stories with male MCs. It brings something new, and more creative to episode. Although I think you shouldn’t let people pick the mc’s name, because when the male mc has a name it makes the mc more identifiable to readers. But do whatever you want.


Thank you so much for the feedback!


I love this idea but I think it would work just as well if you chose what you wanted the male MC to look like as It’s awesome to see Authors views on the character they created!

There needs to be way more stories with male Mc’s cause some the large majority are in the female perspective and while I am a female it would be great to see some with the male perspective instead.


Completely agree. Perspective is definitely my goal! Thank you so much for the feedback!


No Problem! Would love to read the story when you publish it :slight_smile:


@Cheesepls33 As long as the main character has depth and development, a goal and a purpose, I have no problem with the gender of them rather male or female (or any gender for that matter)…

Would there be people who are interested? Of course. Would there be people who are not interested? Of course. People have preferences and you can’t please everyone, but at the end of the day, you can make a good story! As for customization, it doesn’t really matter to me. I always skip it anyways, leaving the character with the default settings.

Some authors will make the character customization available so that the MC is meant to be the reader sometimes, but not to me. I view them as just the main character, and that’s all. I don’t usually like to name them as-well. I’m a guy and most of the MC’s are female (which I have no problems with) so I just rely on a random name generator until I find one that fits the appearance and personality of the default character lol. Sometimes I just sit at the screen where it says “What’s your name” for 10 minutes just trying to think of a good name for the character. Or if I’m just lazy and want to get through it I just use my real name for the lol’s.

But yeah. Good plot? Interesting characters & development? I’ll read. That’s enough for me. :+1:


That would be great, I wouldn’t mind reading it as it is something different. Episode sometimes has some generic story ideas and plots (even though I love half of them) but I’m totally up for something different. :heart:


Thank you so much for your feedback!! :sparkling_heart:


That’s how I feel as well. Thank you for replying :slight_smile:


There’s always room for stories with a male MC. :grin: Luckily i see more and more writers including myself create stories with a male MC. Good luck with your story :hugs:


Thank you, Chida! I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:


Anytime and be sure to send me a link, once it’s published. :heart:


You’re very welcome, dear. :hugs:


of course :sparkling_heart:




Hey everyone! Thanks to your positive encouragement, my story is almost ready. I’m waiting on tons of backgrounds and overlays. The story is called “The Fallen Kingdom”, I’ll be sure to update when its officially published!