Thoughts on my first episode edit, what’s good? What can I improve?

Here it is in all its glory I’d like to know what everyone thinks of it, please be honest regardless if you think you’re being rude or mean.


Lol I know the shadings rlly bad I was up till like 1am doing it >~<

It’s nice but I think that you shouldmake the hair a little lighter. Please don’t get mad at me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

No it’s fine I see what you mean :joy:

I think it looks very nice for your first edit! Maybe make the hair and the lips a little lighter so they can see the outline a little better :thinking:

Yea they are very dark :sweat_smile:

It’s fine but I would recommend making it lighter or a dark color that still shows the outline.

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And maybe make the outline of the drawing more dark and bold.

As I coloured it in it got thinner and thinner :sweat_smile: but I will definitely try that next time (:

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Thanks for the advice (:

I really like it! Lol I can understand bc I’m just starting to do edits too…

I feel like instead of having the tears on her cheeks you could just make her eyes watery/filled with tears

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I was going to try that I just thought it’d look better if she only shed a few tears

This look really beautiful! Maybe change the hair in the fount…?