Thoughts On My First Story - The Young Actress



Hey, to those of you who’ve read my story! What do you think about it?


Okay so I read the first episode! I thought it was pretty good! I did noticed a few things. So when they entered the school Emma walked first to the left and then to right which I thought was a bit weird! And when Emma entered the scene in the campus garden she first entered left and stood left in the seen and then she popped up next to Felix. And I thought the mother giving birth was a bit unrealistic. And the biggest thing that triggered me was that the animations sometimes takes a bit too long. But the rest of the directing was on spot!


I’m New At This It’s Not Gonna Be Perfect!


No of course not, my story isn’t perfect either! I just posted this so you can improve your writing skills. I am not doing this to criticize you! I am trying to help. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I Know It’s Just Having Worked On This For Almost Two Years, I Have Done My Best Being Inexperienced Writing On This App and Thanks For Trying o Help! And Trust Me Since I Got Help With Writing After Finishing The First Episode The Second And Third Are A lot Better! :smiley: And Now There Are 6 Episodes! I Also Edited Everything But the Scene Where The Mother Gives Birth Because I Don’t Know How To Make That Realistic! Any Advice? :thinking: