Thoughts on my small cover?

I just wanted an opinion on my cover.

I have two designs

Design 1:

Design 2:

Which Design is better?

  • Design One
  • Design Two

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Any critics? Questions?

Can I just ask what the difference is? Btw they’re really good

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They both look identical to me. I like them both but I think number 2 is better.


I have one critic :frowning:
You should crop characters better and really careful .
We can still see black behind them
But covers are still lookong good :smile:

Thank you! I will make sure to be more careful on future covers!

The first one has no filter like this one:20180704_145015

The second one has a filter called Fattal (this is the filter at full blast - I dimmed it down a bit for the cover)

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Oh ok

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