Thoughts On My Story Cover?

Hey, community! :blob_sun:

So, this beautiful and incredibly wonderful cover for my story “Dangerous Opposition” was done by @KikiMoon :


I have no doubts about the aspect of the background with the art, but with the text.
What do you think about the title?
I think it’s too small, but I wanted to know your opinion.

Thank you, Maddy.

PS – I will still add some details to the title, for example highlights in the letters, I just wanted to make sure there were no mistakes before doing so.


like the cover but i feel like the opposition is hard to read

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Exactly, I think that too. I really liked the font but it is very thin, I will try to make it bigger and thicker.

Some constructive criticism; the shading could be better, it’s a common mistake to shade with black and highlight with white, perhaps try lighter/darker shade of flat colours. or blue-ish for shades

If you’d like the characters to be more in-focus I suggest making them bigger, except if the background is important OR make the title above them, it would make it more visible as well.

Hope this helps…

Right now it’s like this, I forgot to update this thread, but I’ve already made the necessary changes and I think it’s better now.


This looks much better!
If you’re still open to suggestions, I’d recommend centering the text “Dangerous” and then lowering the position of the text “Opposition” a tiny bit.

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This looks stunning! There’s literally nothing wrong with this.
Also, the boy reminds me of montague from Fortnite

Which is a very good thing in my opinion :heart_eyes:

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Now I can’t stop looking at the boy in your cover what witchcraft have you done to meee :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear: