Thoughts on my story ideas?

Hi, I’m an aspiring Episode author and I was wondering if the community would read what I write and if it has potential. I am not a coder but more of a writer but I would love to learn the skill and present some Episode stories.

I have 2 story ideas and I wanted some thoughts and help with crafting a description for the stories.

Story 1: Unleashed (Drama) (supernatural) (fantasy)
Thea (the MC) discovers that she is the daughter of the King of hell (Lucifer) and an Archangel named Katherine making her half angel and half demon. She is invited to the demon castle where she will be trained to become the princess of hell. Thea has no choice but to leave everything and everyone that she loves to start her new life at the demon palace where her new family, friends and potentially the love of her life awaits.

The initial days were tough for Thea who was adjusting to her new family, friends, customs and the sexy demon that makes her breath hitch every time she sees him. Not everyone has accepted Thea in becoming the princess of hell and they all plan to make sure that it doesn’t happen. Balancing her training, becoming friends with the fellow demons, spending time with her new family and the sexy demon named Jace, Thea learns to unleash and embrace her demons.

Story 2: Masked (Mystery) (romance) (action) (Drama)
One murder. Two contracts. 3 former friends. The streets invite her to unravel it’s masked truths but first she has to say “I do.”

Life for Chloe Maddox after the death of her fiance wasn’t easy and Chloe struggles to make her way through life. With her overbearing family and slow paced dreams, death of her fiance and her insecurities, the last thing she was expecting was getting married to Logan Black.

Sexy. Charming. Alluring. Mysterious. These were the words that Chloe associated with Logan but little did she know that this was just a mask that he wore. Everyone had one, including Chloe.

He proposes a deal with Chloe that she just can’t refuse and so Chloe prepares to say I do. With the her newly wedded husband, Chloe embarks on a journey to find the truth alongside with two new (old) flames but the closer she’s getting to the truth, more masked truths, secrets and feelings rise to the surface.

This is not your typical arranged-marriage, mafia story. I promise.

What do you guys think?? Also can anyone help me with the description of the first story?? It’s sooooo messy.


Hey, thanks for accepting to help me. Could you please look please look at these story ideas and share your HONEST thoughts, be as harsh as you like.


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Ok so I think both ideas are amazing and creative, however the 2nd story idea sounds more like a story I’d read so therefore I like the second one better, but I know many people who love stories like the first one as well as the second one. But personally I like the second one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@Mae_xox Kit help her out :joy:


@hollywood.episode is amazing for writing descriptions for stories if you still need help.


I like the second idea very much!! :heart_eyes: it really doesn’t sound like the stereotypical mafia stories :heart:

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Thank you so much!!!
I’m currently in the process of making the wattpad version. You can follow me there to get updates!

Username on wattpad: @Diyaxx_writes

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I like this idea. It would be more interesting if the conflict were angels, instead of demons who try to prevent Thea from becoming the princess of Hell. Maybe another LI or someone she grows to like (as a friend or something more) is also a part of heaven, adding fuel to the fire in the conflict? Thea is forced to choose between her kingdom or her own self happiness.

A description could be: Thea is the daughter of Lucifer, but when she is trained to become the princess, Thea is forced to choose between heaven or hell. Will she thrive against the odds, or will she unleash and destroy everything in her path?

Tip overall: I would add more apparent conflict, it’s a bit hard to create a description without visible conflict.

I like it, but what’s the deal he proposes her? It seems to me she’s just getting married for a deal that the reader doesn’t know about. Also, Chloe shouldn’t just agree to a deal like that off the bat (the marriage thing) especially if her fiance died recently just because he’s attractive. It’ll be more realistic if the deal she’s given is like (help him with ___ and then we’ll get divorced and split the money) or something like that, and maybe by the end of it she’ll either fall in love, or maybe not because sometimes loss is loss and it’ll take a while to move on. Two possible endings.

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Thanks for the reply!

I was thinking the same things! There are angels that try and come in the way (Thea’s sister chose to become an angel so conflict there). I was also thinking of adding another LI but was hesitant cuz I usually prefer stories with one LI so I can get to know him and I hate making choices like that, way too stressful but yeah, I have read some amazing stories with multiple LI so I might add another one. I was thinking about it anyway and just needed a reassurance.

For story 2:

The deal is that Logan helps her to find out what really happened to her ex fiance and in return she stays married to him for one year allowing him to have to time to woo her. Logan has plenty of resources and connections to help Chloe and he actually believes in arranged marriage and wishes to stay married to Chloe. After 1 year if Chloe has no feelings for him, he will divorce her letting her free.

Thanks for your feedback. I highly appreciate it. The description for unleashed is perfect. Thanx.

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And yeah! Chloe is against the idea of getting married so soon and argues with her family, thickening the conflict.

If you say so :sweat_smile: Personallyy I love both ideas there both original and I haven’t seen the idea before I think whichever YOU want to write, write it YOUR story YOUR choice nobody else’s whichever you choose it’ll be a GREAT story that’s my advice :two_hearts:


Awww np :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and I followed it :heart:

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Thank you so much for the reply! You people are so sweet. Will definitely take into account of what you have said. Thanx.

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Thank you so much cutie! It means so much to me!


Awwww np :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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:grin: :white_heart:

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