Thoughts on my story?

Title: Counsellor

You play as a school counsellor. The aim of the game is to help better the lives of five troubled students. Each choice matters and will impact their lives in some way. This story deals with mature themes such as bad language, various forms of abuse, sexual themes, and violent themes.

This story is serious and when I mean sexual themes I don’t mean like ‘it starts with a bra.’ Mainly it will be only sexual references and none of it will be sexy in any way shape or form.
The forms of abuse include verbal abuse, shaming, neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. AGAIN the sexual stuff will NOT be in your face, it will be incredibly subdued.

I am only emphasising this because many people on here take offence to anything considered mature, but when there are stories like ‘stripped,’‘enslaved,’‘it starts with a bra’ and many more stories for mature audiences on the episode app, I don’t like hearing people complain about stuff like this.

Honest opinions about the story and how I could improve it please :heart::heart:

Tbh this sounds really good will go read rn!!!

thanks but it’s not published yet, I’ve just started it and wanted to see if it was worth writing :heart:

Ok well this sounds like a good story with an actual PURPOSE I personally would be interested in reading this if you decide to write it!

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