Thoughts on no outfit choices?

Hey so I’m writing an Episode story, and I was just wondering - what are your opinions on not being able to choose outfits for the MC in a story you’re reading?

Is it something you’re not fussed about, or is it a deal-breaker?


I think it really depends on the kind of story you’re making. In a self-insert story, I think outfits add a lot of value because then the reader can also insert their style into the story and portray their personality - an outgoing rock girl or a shy hoodie lover. However, on a “normal” story, it’s really up to you. If you do choose to add outfit choices into that kind of story, I’d recommend creating them all in the same style that fits your character to not lose part of its personality and make it boring.


I agree, I think I’ll stick to no outfit choices for now because I have quite a clear-cut vision of my MC’s style. Thank you for your input! <3


Honestly, for me it’s a fun part of the reading and if the story has no outfit choices it means that the plot/directing should somehow “repay” for their absence if it makes sense. I guess it also depends on the genre. For example, if I’m reading some detective story, I don’t really care about the outfits

I don’t care about it, but it’s your decision. I don’t have outfit-choices either and have my reasons:

  1. I have my own idea about outfits for my characters and like to leave it that way;
  2. I always have standard minimal two outfits for each character anyway (and I have a lot of characters in each of my story :roll_eyes:), so why should I bother myself with outfit-choices for them.

So, to help you further. You decide if you want to use outfit choices in your story and no-one else, because you are the author. :wink: As long as you are honest to the reader afterwards about it, I don’t care if you have outfit-choices or not.

Love A-W

Honestly I wish people put more different type of outfit choices. Not just like three tipes: soft,e girl and boho chic. And it says stuff like e girl and it’s just skinny jeans and a black leather jacket like they do not describe the outfit choices and sometimes there is too many of them so I am just trying to get through it by names and then I miss a rlly cute outfit bc it was desribed as “soft pastel girl”.

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Well, I’ve done a story with no outfit choices and it made me realize that if there’s a story with no outfit choices, then I actually wouldn’t mind it.

Like everyone else said, it depends a lot on your vision. If your character is for readers to self-insert, having options will be more immersive. If you have a specific style in-mind for your character, outfits options aren’t needed.

I might be of the minority when I say this, but I’d rather have an amazing story than one that allows me to self-insert. Don’t feel like you always have to add ways for readers to feel like they’re a part of your story, especially if you already have a great vision. : )