Thoughts on prision stories?

Ok so before u actually respond, I did research to give the reader a more realistic view and so its not like “seduce the guard and tell him he is a hot papi” it is reasonable! Other than that… Idk wut else to say! Idk of this is cliche now or whatever but leave your thoughts below and ty!


I’ve never heard a cliché of what you are thinking. Go for it. Although I may be a little help, my courage for you is much stronger :grin:

What I meant by that is “overdone” like stories that are:

*Bad boys

Mhm, k. Well first of instead of saying

Idk wut else to say!

Maybe just explain it more instead. And please for the love of god I see it every use more grammar!! :slight_smile:

Anyway I’m tired of:
Nerd Girl Falls In Love with Bad Boy
And then they get together, but never say anything about the girlfriend sometimes (when they have one

Don’t get me started on Mafia Girlfriend Blahhh Blahhhhhh so stupid, why can’t others get other ideas than steal it from others?

I mean I haven’t read pregnancy stories they have never grabbed my attention, really.

I will have a proof reader or atleast try to before I release each chapter!


Ooo, may I?

:joy::joy::joy::joy: This is clicheee

I don’t have a problem with them, I just want them done correctly.

I love stories about prison so yeah I you want to write one do it and I’ll read it :smile:

ikrr that’s what annoys me and I worry that people won’t read it bcuz they think that would happen when it won’t!

uh, shure!

I was gonna look, but u made things easier 4 me! ty!!

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