Thoughts on redoing


Ugh, I’m debating on revamping the first few chapters and putting them all into one. The only real bad thing I’ve gotten in reviews is how short the chapters are at the beginning. I just don’t know how much that’s going to mess up the readers. I’m just under 50 views. So, I feel like if I do it, I should do it now. I’m also, currently only working on Chapter 6. If I were to do this, it would end up being Chapter 4.
What do you think?


Well, I can speak from experience. I’ve done that with two of my stories.

One I mostly just added in extra scenes and changed the intro, so it didn’t really affect anything.

The other… I brought the first half of episode 2 into episode 1, then I added another huge scene into the middle of what was left of episode 2 and then I added multiple endings into episode 3. It was a bit easier in this case, because it was only three episodes and already finished so it wouldn’t have affected any readers, but I feel a lot prouder of this particular story now regardless.

Idk if it influenced my reads too much for the second story. I had 35 before the revamp, and currently have 55 reads. For the first one, I’m pretty sure it helped my retention rating, because even I would have clicked exit on my story if I had kept the intro the way it was lol


I’m currently revamping all of my 6 chapters and I would also exit my story with how I had it originally (very cliche) :sweat_smile: I feel it’s making my story a lot better and I think it was the right thing to do for my story. Do whatever you feel is right for your story and now would definitely be the best time to do it, before you get a lot more readers. Good luck with your story and I wish you all the best with it :two_hearts:


Yes, I suggest you to do that as soon as possible. I’m currently doing the same thing with a completed story because despite the feedback I got, I truly believed my chapters were long enough. I went back to reread the story after a long time and realized how wrong I was. First I only tried to add some extra scenes, but with the story being complete, it is not as easy as I thought, so I figured I needed to merge the episodes. But then I didn’t know what to do with the remaining chapters that are already published. Write in description that “the story ends at chapter 17, don’t read the rest”? I know this is stupid, but the thought of this bothered me so much I decided to rewrite it as a new story and once it is done I would “lock” and hide the previous version. Of course I have the script and I need to change only a few things in it, but the reason why I’m sharing this whole mess with you is that I have to recreate every single character and outfit in my story and this is something I really wouldn’t wish to anyone.

I understand you don’t want to confuse your readers, but I think it’s better to do this before your story gets read by more people. Maybe you can explain this to your current readers via fanmail or share this info on Instagram if you have that, and they will probably understand you only took their feedback into account. And if anyone gets confused they can still replay the story.

Wow, this came out long, I hope it helped.