Thoughts on remake of “Queen of the underworld”?

Recently I’ve read a story on episode “queen of the underworld” I was a bit disappointed the ending or well standard choices for episode stories. However the plot seems so good and has so much potential! So, I’m thinking of writing something similar, obv not copying the story and just extending it. But the main plot, gods and mortal being forbidden to be in love, would stay the same. Is that alright? Does it sounds interesting? As I do have ideas how to make the idea differently

You would have to get permission from the author since its her original work. Otherwise it would be plagiarism and against community guidelines.

How is that plagiarism? I’m sure it’s not the only story about gods not being able to be in love with mortals?

Cause I did say that it’s not gonna be copy and paste story and be completely different in every aspect besides yeah that there are gods, mortals and they can’t fall in love

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Then in that case as long as it’s original enough, go at it

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